Willy Adkins on the IGH Open House

    How excited are you to be celebrating the four-year anniversary of the Illinois Ghost Hunters?

    I’m very excited about it! Its amazing to think of all of the progress IGH has made. Not every paranormal team can say they have worked for not only residential and commercial clients but even government offices! And the most rewarding part for me, just knowing all of the people we have helped feel more comfortable in their homes and places of business.

    We’ve seen the great line up of speakers for the open house, but do you have any surprises in store for us?

    This seminar is going to be amazing! We are all about supporting others in the industry and working together. That is why we have invited so many outside teams and investigators to come in and take part in the event. As far as other surprises, nothing to off the wall crazy.. But I can say you will learn a lot from the people you encounter. Some amazing stories, points of view (you might not have considered before) and what it takes to build and grow a paranormal group.

    Will tickets be available at the door?

    YES. I have made presale tickets available via the web on the IGH website (www.IllinoisGhostHunters.com) to ensure entry to the event for ticket holders. Provided the near 175 person capacity isn’t reached, Tickets are going to be available at the door.

    What is the strangest thing you’ve encountered in all your years of paranormal investigation?

    Before I started doing this work about 5 years ago, I had never experienced anything paranormal. I was the “skeptic,” the one who had an open mind but an answer for everything. With my experience over the last 5 years I’ve learned one thing for sure.. If you look long enough, you will experience things. I would have to write a book to share all of the stories (ranging from down poring rain inside a concrete jail cell, to possession and even being physically scared by something not seen to the naked eye).. That is what our seminars are for, to educate and exchange information gathered from our experiences and research.

    Do you have anything else you would like to note about the upcoming open house seminar?

    Yes. The event starts at 3pm, however your able to come in early to get a seat. This event is all ages, however parental guidance is suggested for younger attendees. Great food and drinks are also available at the venue, so please help support the venue for supporting us! Fallowing the IGH Seminar is another event called “Paranormal Escapade”. It is a music event along with some other artwork on display. Seminar visitors are encouraged to hang out for the later show (at discount) to continue to meet and greet with investigators, authors and have a good time!


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