Williamsburg Hill vs. St. Charles East HS

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Locations: Williamsburg Hill in Cold Spring Township versus St. Charles East High School in St. Charles.

Histories: Williamsburg Hill, home to Ridge Cemetery, is the highest point in Shelby County and once sheltered a town. Williamsburg, as it was called, was platted in 1839 by two men, Thomas Williams and William Horsman. Many Horsmans can be found buried in Ridge Cemetery to this very day. The town disappeared in the 1880s as the railroad bypassed its inconvenient location.

St. Charles High School used to be located at the corner of Main Street and Seventh Street, in a building which is now home to Thompson Middle School. During the late 1970s, the city saw fit to construct a new high school along Dunham Road, which they called St. Charles East. Since opening, this school has gone through a spate of bad luck. In 2001, the school had to be closed for several weeks due to a serious mold problem, and during Homecoming 2009, 972 students called in sick with Swine Flu.

Hauntings: The legends surrounding Williamsburg Hill and Ridge Cemetery involve occult rituals, spook lights, phantom funerals, an old lady dressed in black mourning clothes, and the ghost of an old man who disappears upon approach. Animal mutilations have also been reported in and around the cemetery.

For many years, a gruesome story has circulated St. Charles High School about the ghost of a girl who had been raped and murdered there by a janitor. Allegedly, the freshman girl was attacked while practicing her flute in the band room, and the deranged janitor chopped up her body and stuffed the pieces into various lockers. Band students sometimes claim to see body parts in their lockers, only to have them vanish before their eyes. Others have heard the faint sound of a flute playing while alone in the room. On other occasions, flutes have gone missing or appear to have been played during the night.

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