When I first began exploring Illinois in 1998…

“The first paranormal tourists in Illinois were the men and women who traveled miles of dirt roads in wagons and on horseback to witness the strange feats of the Williams sisters in Franklin County in 1870, the boys who chased after the Diamond Island Phantom in 1885, or those who picnicked along a road southwest of Macomb in 1908 in the hopes of catching a glimpse of the Gooseneck Ghost. For someone interested in visiting the mysterious places of Illinois, however, there is no better moment than now to be young, independent, and have a lot of free time in which to travel. You see, most of the resources available to you today did not exist in even the recent past. When I first began exploring Illinois in 1998, I still had a dial-up Internet connection and AOL 3.0. The only way to locate a rural cemetery was to visit the local genealogical society, call a funeral home, or ask a gas station attendant.”

– Michael Kleen, Haunting Illinois


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