When “Ghost Hunting” Goes Wrong

I’ve often criticized those who blame paranormal enthusiasts for vandalism at cemeteries, but here’s a story out of Florida (of course) that is too strange to deny.

Hernando teens charged with grave robbing

SPRING HILL, FL — Hernando County sheriff’s deputies say two teenagers broke into a tomb at a Spring Hill cemetery and stole the skull inside.

According to a police report, deputies were patrolling the cemetery, which has become popular with drug users. They noticed a concrete tomb that appeared to be opened.

The report says, “Inside this concrete tomb was a badly decayed wooden casket with no top on it. It appeared as though the top must have decayed and was extremely old and in poor condition. Looking inside the coffin, deputies observed the remains of a deceased subject, dressed in a suit consistent with a male’s attire. Missing however, from the grave was this unknown subject’s skull.”

As deputies were investigating the crime, two teens walked out of the woods. The teens told deputies, “that the cemetery was possibly haunted and they were looking for antique landmarks in the woods.”


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