What lurks in Twin Sister’s Woods?

Image from Kobo.com

Twin Sister’s Woods in Rockford has long been the destination of area youths wanting to “relax” away from prying eyes and escape from urban life for a while. Naturally it has attracted some strange stories, from rumors that one of its trees has been used for hangings, to it being the haunt of rape victims, to its use as a playground for the ghost of a child who drowned in the nearby creek. Satanic occultists are also supposed to practice their black arts here.

Join The Fallen as they investigate this infamous location, and don’t miss our interview with photographer Rachel Black, whose image of Manteno State Hospital recently won a prize and was sold at the 66th annual Salon Show at the Munster Performing Art Gallery. This issue also contains trivia, a ghostly game, letters from our readers, and much more!


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