Vol. 3 Issue 1: Lebanon Road!

Image from goodreads.com

Lebanon Road is home to the “7 Gates to Hell,” seven railroad bridges (guarded by ‘hell hounds’) that allegedly lead to the underworld. Nighttime interlopers along Lebanon Road have woven a tale that a portal to Hell can be unlocked by passing through all seven bridges by midnight.

The bridges are all heavily marked by graffiti, and one of them is home to its own particular story–that of a tragic accident brought on by the use of psychotropics. Now, join The Fallen as they recover from their battle over the astral portal and embark on a journey to find the 7 Gates.

This issue of the Legends and Lore of Illinois contains a number of new features: photos and fan support, the author’s own experience along Lebanon Road, and “Paranormal 101″: a list of recommended books on various paranormal subjects.


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