Vishnu Springs

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As the heavy thump of boots rained down on the stairs above their heads, Davin felt Misa’s teeth press against his neck near his jugular vein, and he tugged on Greg’s shirt. At first, Greg brushed him off, but sensing his friend’s urgency, he turned his head just in time to see what was happening by the faint glow provided by the sheriff deputy’s flashlight. The deputy, by that time, stood parallel with the staircase, just a few feet away. Using the noise from the ascent of the deputy’s partner as cover, Greg backhanded Misa in the forehead. God, I’ve wanted to do that for a while, he thought. Misa jerked back in surprise and released her hold on Davin.

The sheriff’s deputy hadn’t heard a thing. He walked past the stairs and entered the main hallway, and Greg and Davin breathed a sigh of relief. Misa, although clearly upset, regained her balance and bit her tongue. If she got caught, she knew even more than Greg or Davin, or even Mike, it would mean spending the rest of her life in a hospital, fed a steady diet of Thorazine. Furthermore, she knew she had temporarily lost control, and if Greg hadn’t acted, being caught trespassing would have been the least of their worries. Still, it took all her willpower to stop from lashing out in retribution.

As the footsteps of the deputies disappeared deep into the interior of the abandoned hotel, The Fallen allowed themselves to relax. They shifted position, so that Misa stood in front of Greg and Davin. Davin rubbed his neck bitterly, and checked his hand to make sure no blood had been drawn. Finally, after a moment, Greg gently pushed Misa and whispered “let’s go,” in her ear.

What happens next? Find out, and read more of The Fallen’s adventures, in the Legends and Lore of Illinois. This issue, along with all its color photos and extras, is now exclusively available on CD-ROM.


Legends and Lore of Illinois Vol. 4 – on Kindle!

Or, order all 11 issues of the Legends and Lore of Illinois from 2010 for only $5.00 in a special Kindle edition. Places covered in Vol. 4 include Western Illinois University’s Simpkins Hall, the Seventh Avenue Dead End, Illinois State University, Willow Creek Farm, Vishnu Springs, the Cambridge Death Curve, Crybaby Bridge, Archer Avenue, Rockford College, Starved Rock State Park and more. Plus, read letters from our readers, the latest adventures of The Fallen, skeptic’s corner, and put your knowledge of these locations to the test with challenging trivia questions.

Legends and Lore of Illinois: The Fallen Chronicles

This special collection consists of the saga of The Fallen, spanning 47 issues of the Legends and Lore of Illinois, arranged in chronological order. For the first time, our readers can follow the epic journey of Mike, Aurelia, Davin, Greg, and Emmer from their first appearance at Bachelor’s Grove to their closing act at the summit of Starved Rock. Will The Fallen escape from a shadowy entity lurking in the tunnels under Manteno State Hospital, or will they be upstaged by their ghost-hunting rivals at Greenwood Cemetery? Follow all their adventures, twists, and turns in one convenient book! You will never look at Illinois the same way.


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