Vishnu Springs Open for an Afternoon

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Carl, a Legends & Lore reader and fan, alerted us to this update about Vishnu Springs in McDonough County.

‘Open house held Sunday at Vishnu Springs in rural Tennessee’
By Lainie Steelman
The McDonough County Voice

Tennessee, Ill. — The Ira and Reatha T. Post Wildlife Sanctuary – 140-acres of forest and and valley in rural Tennessee – was gifted to Western Illinois University in 2003 and last year was named for previous owners of the property, but its history goes back over a 100 years, to when it was known as Vishnu Springs.

Sunday, The Friends of Vishnu, a group working with WIU to help preserve the property and its history, hosted an open house on the property. Several hundred people made the trek down into the secluded valley to learn about the site’s place in McDonough County history and its current use by WIU…

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Or check out Volume 4 Issue 6 of the Legends and Lore of Illinois, devoted to Vishnu Springs!

Built by Darius Hicks in 1890, Vishnu Springs has captured the imagination of Illinoisans as much in its afterlife as it did in its heyday. What remains of its three-story hotel, once majestic and full of exuberance, has become a haven for explorers looking for a thrill. Some of these unwanted visitors have returned with stories of harrowing encounters with the unknown, as well as with law enforcement, who routinely patrol the grounds. Many are unaware of the location’s rich history. Vishnu Springs is home to a number of restless ghosts. It is rumored that Darius Hicks’ wife, Maud, died in childbirth in one of the rooms of the Capital Hotel, and that a lady dressed in black has been seen wandering the grounds.

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