Video Scavenger Hunt

Image by Daniel Agrelo from Pixabay

This is a simple concept that requires some equipment. If neither you nor any of your friends owns a video camera, a regular camera can be substituted.


  • 6 to 8 friends.
  • A video camera or a camera.
  • A pen and note cards.


Form two teams. One person needs to act as the referee, but he or she may also be on either team. The referee will come up with eight or ten tasks or scenarios to reenact, for instance, “run pantless from one end of Oak Tree Cemetery to the other” and write them down on the note cards. The note cards will then be distributed evenly between the teams. Each team will have a camera to document that they completed each task. Agree on a time limit and then see which team can accomplish all the tasks in the given time limit. Or, watch both videos after all the tasks have been completed and vote on which team completed their tasks with the most humor or ingenuity. The more imaginative the better…


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