Urbana HS vs. Munger Road

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Urbana High School in Urbana vs. Munger Road in Wayne.


  • Built in 1914 and designed in the Tudor style, Urbana High School has undergone repeated renovations in the past 96 years. One of those renovations inadvertently gave birth to a ghost story that has endured at the school for several generations. Between 1914 and 1986, a small area known as “the Tower” was home to two classrooms, one for art and one for music. The Tower is located in the central portion of the school, and was accessed by a narrow set of stairs. During the renovations of the 1980s, the tower was closed because it couldn’t be made accessible to handicapped students.
  • Munger Road sits at the periphery of the Chicago Suburbs and penetrates deep into Pratts Wayne Woods. During the late 1970s and ’80s, several farmhouses along the road became abandoned and were taken over by vandals and the curious. There are some reports that a train derailed and smashed into one of these houses.


  • At Urbana High School, students believe “the Tower” was locked up after a love affair between a teacher and a student ended in tragedy. The teacher reportedly hung herself from the indoor fire escape. According to Troy Taylor, the door to the Tower is said to open without cause, and lights can be seen in the windows at night. Once, when staff members called police to investigate whether someone was trespassing in the Tower, they heard loud, unexplainable tapping.
  • Munger Road has attracted a number of strange legends. Motorists have reported being chased by a wolf with glowing red eyes as well as a vanishing Oldsmobile. Perhaps the most famous legend centers on the now-defunct railroad track that intersects with Munger. The legend is a familiar one: three children pushed a baby carriage across the tracks just in time to save it from a passing train. Unfortunately, the children were killed. Today, if your car happens to stall on the tracks, phantom hands will push it to safety.

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