Top 10 Most Haunted Places in Texas

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Texas is the second largest state in the whole of America. Unsurprisingly, with a land size as big as that, Texas is also where you’ll find an abundance of creepy haunted spots. Haunted places in Texas take the form of desolate abandoned hospitals, eerie hotels and sites of brutal murders.

Many of these haunted places in Texas have their own chilling backstory as to why they have been cursed as they are today. Which hair-raising story will leave you shuddering in the puddle of your own tears?

1. Yorktown Memorial Hospital

San Antonio, Texas

Yorktown Memorial Hospital, Texas
Photo by Wikimedia Commons

“So that more may live longer.” The motto of Yorktown Memorial Hospital sounds almost like a sickening mockery of the over 2000 deaths that occurred in its premises. Besides death from medical reasons, the hospital also saw a murder occur in its very building. Blood stained the walls all over the basement of the hospital.

The hospital also saw its fair share of gruesome injuries – lost fingers, broken legs, limbs chopped off… Having served a short period as a drug rehabilitation centre, the hospital also took in a few drug addicts, leading to a notorious case. T.J, a heroin addict, was dead on arrival at the hospital. His lifeless body was dropped off outside the doors of the hospital, by someone whose identity is still a mystery. His spirit reportedly haunts the hospital today.

Indeed, Yorktown Memorial Hospital is one place in Texas with active paranormal sightings. Most chilling of all, a pretty large number of the spirits that lurk in the hospital are malevolent. Angry, bitter and spiteful, these spirits launched physical attacks on the living who dare to enter the hospital. People have claimed to be punched, slapped, kicked and even scratched when in the hospital, by something or someone they could not see.

2. Haunted Hill House

Mineral Wells, Texas

Haunted Hill House, Texas
Photo by Wide Open Country

Hill House has a history of over 150 years. Over the course of its extensive history, it has met its fair share of sorrow, bitterness and even death. Originally built as a home for the Yeager Family, misfortune soon enveloped the house. The owner, Fannie Yeager passed on in the house. A few years later, her lovely sister died too from the flu.

After the untimely demise of the house owners, Hill House was converted into a brothel. The shady and illegal activities conducted in the house led to a few grisly murders. In the 1950s to 70s, the house became a rental property. Again, misfortune struck. A young boy accidentally hung himself to death in the yard. People say that his spirit haunts the house today.

Given its dark past, Hill House is said to be one of the most actively haunted places in Texas today. Many visitors to the house report sensations of being touched. Some even report seeing ghostly apparitions. Notably, many also hear unusual voices and some of these paranormal experiences have even been captured on tape. Thanks to its reputation of being one of the scariest haunted places in Texas, tours to the house are often sold out. For those who do not fear Death, Hill House allows for overnight stays as well.

3. The Jefferson Hotel

Jefferson, Texas

The Jefferson Hotel, Texas
Photo by Tripadvisor

Visitors who check in here, beware. The Jefferson Hotel is arguably one of the creepiest haunted places in Texas. Many travellers who have stayed in the hotel can attest to the unnatural and weird experiences they had.

Rumour has it that Room 19 is the most haunted room in the entire hotel. According to urban legend, a young bride, jilted at her wedding, hung herself in that very room. Many believe that her spirit lingers in that room till today. Hotel staff report hearing voices from the room, even when it was supposedly vacant. Guests staying in the room often leave absolutely terrified. Reports include feeling fingers scratch their feet while they lay in bed, and hearing thumping noises against the wall.

Some guests also report feelings of being watched, only to turn around to an empty space. A few also claim to have seen a creepy white mist appearing and disappearing. Some also report hearing the water taps turning on and off by themselves, as well as the computer screens flickering on and off – all by themselves.

Indeed, the Jefferson Hotel is one of the genuinely haunted places in Texas. We would advise you to steer clear of it if you haven’t gotten a heart of steel. But for people who love hunting paranormal activity, this is the place for you. It’s a hotbed of abnormal activity, corroborated by the hair-raising anecdotes of a huge amount of people.

4. Baker Hotel

Mineral Wells, Texas

Baker Hotel, Texas
Photo by Wikimedia Commons

If you’re still undaunted by the Jefferson Hotel (how even?!), Baker Hotel will definitely scare the knickers off you. Built in 1929 by TD Baker, the star highlight of this hotel was its spa filled with mineral-rich waters. Thanks to its rich minerals, the spa was purported to have amazing healing powers. As a result, the elderly and the sick flocked to the hotel like moths to a flame. Rumour has it that those sick people who travelled to the Hotel to be cured, yet died afterwards haunt the Baker Hotel today.

People believe that TD Baker, the owner of the hotel, lingers in the hotel as well. Baker died in his suite, leaving him stuck in his masterpiece for eternity. In fact, many believe that his spirit loiters in the very suite he used to live in. Tour guides even make it a point to knock on the door before entering, to avoid angering Baker. Many visitors also report smelling cigarettes on the 11th floor, where Baker’s suite is located. No prizes for guessing who was an avid smoker. Guests who enter his room also claim to lose small items from their bags and pockets, despite never taking them out. Later on, when the tour guides clean up Baker’s room, they’d find the lost items laying about.

5. Spaghetti Warehouse

Houston, Texas

Spaghetti Warehouse, Texas
Photo by ABC13Houston

A busy and distracted pharmacist. An open elevator shaft. A fall. A broken wife. One tragedy, two deaths.

The tragic story of how Spaghetti Warehouse became one of the creepiest haunted places in Texas is heart-breaking as much as it is terrifying. The story centres around a young pharmacist working late into the night at the building. Distracted by thoughts of his work, he ambled along the corridors to take the elevator. Hands full of paperwork, he thought nothing about the opened elevator doors. He took a step in. And plunged to his death. He had walked right into an open elevator shaft instead.

Shortly after, his wife, worried about her husband’s absence rushed to his workplace. What greeted her was the morbid sight of his mangled, bleeding body. Rumour has it that the poor wife passed away shortly after. Many believe that these two grieving souls linger around the area today, mourning for their lives that were taken away too soon, too unfairly.

Abnormal experiences in the spaghetti warehouse include furniture levitating off the ground and unexplained breezes. Creepy stuff.

6. Goatman’s Bridge

Denton, Texas

Goatman's Bridge, Texas
Photo by Wikimedia Commons

What a strange name for a bridge, you might wonder. The bridge’s name alludes to a popular ghost story about the bridge. Legend has it that the notorious Ku Klax Klan brutally murdered an African American goat farmer on the bridge in 1938. People believe that his spirit haunts the bridge today.

An alternate version of the story claims that it is the victim’s angered and grieving wife that haunts the bridge. Whichever the case, the consensus is that this historic bridge has its fair share of weird, abnormal activities. Most notable sightings include seeing the apparition of a ghostly goat head floating in the dark, the sound of unsettling laughter, and even a pair of glowing eyes.

7. Hotel Galvez

Galveston, Texas

Hotel Galvez, Texas
Photo by Wikimedia Commons

“This is REALLY a haunted hotel” the top comment on a Trip Advisor forum insists. Indeed, Hotel Galves is one of the more unsettling haunted places in Texas. Hotel staff report the feelings of being watched while working. Some even report seeing the unnerving sight of a young girl silently bouncing a ball. Staff also claim to witness odd occurrences like candles going out on their own, dishes moving by themselves and sometimes even breaking. Children’s laughter can sometimes be heard drifting out from vacant rooms.

8.Texas Killing Fields

Texas Killing Fields, Texas
Photo by HoustonPublicMedia

The view of this site is innocuous. Stuck between Houston and Galveston, the fields look like any other ordinary expanse of grasslands. However, beyond this seemingly innocent and harmless sight lies a gruesome secret. The Texas Killing Fields got its creepy name because it used to be exactly that – a killing field. Since the 1970s, this 50-mile patch of rural land has seen over thirty young children and young women go missing. Some of the missing bodies have been found ruthlessly dumped and abandoned in this desolate patch of land. In fact, the brutal and mysterious murders and kidnapping that took place in the area has even inspired a movie.

Today, if you were to go down to the area, you might feel overwhelmed by a sense of dread and fear. The area has been described by many as eerie and off-putting. I wouldn’t recommend visiting the site alone for safety reasons. Being as desolate and rural as it is, it is still the perfect spot to kill someone and get away with it perfectly, even today.

9. El Paso High School

El Paso, Texas

El Paso High School, Texas
Photo by Wikimedia Commons

Established in 1916, this prestigious high school has educated various prominent alumni. Its boisterous and talent school body has also seen the high school win various awards and accolades. However, beyond the glitz and prestige, did you know that this high school is one of the most haunted places in Texas?

School officials cordoned off some sections of the school because of certain strange sightings. In fact, there are even two sealed-up classrooms in the basement. Urban legends whisper that if you were to enter the classrooms, you’ll find them in a mess, littered with personal belongings and even trash – almost as if the area was evacuated in a hurry. Some say that that was exactly what happened.

For the fearless, if you were to enter the school grounds late at night, you might encounter some unnatural experiences. Notably, people have reported hearing cheerleaders, the school anthem, students laughing… at 2 in the morning.

10. Victoria’s Black Swan Inn

San Antonio, Texas

Victoria’s Black Swan Inn, Texas
Photo by Tripadvisor

This inn was built on top of an ancient battleground – which probably isn’t the wisest thing to do. Due to the site’s gruesome history, it is no surprise that Victoria’s Black Swan is teeming with angry spirits. The olden battle that once took place here was no other than the Battle of Salado Creek. This was a watershed battle between the volunteers of the Texas army and the Mexican army in 1842. The fight was bitter and fierce. Many lives were lost and terrifying amounts of blood was shed on the grounds. Today, some say that you can hear the wailing cries and screams of the soldiers in the hotel.

The horrors of the site’s history do not end with this battle. This area was once an ancient Indian burial ground about 5000 years ago. Unappeased Native American spirits lurk around the halls of the Inn.


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