Top 10 Issues of the Legends and Lore of Illinois

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Between 2007 and 2010, 47 issues of the Legends and Lore of Illinois were released. Each issue discussed an allegedly haunted location in Illinois and featured the continuing adventures of a mysterious team of paranormal investigators called The Fallen. Reviews, interviews, letters from the readers, trivia, and “ghostly games” were also irregular features. Places as diverse as Cahokia Mounds, Western Illinois University, and Aux Sable Cemetery were all explored, but which issue has proven to be the most popular of them all?

10. Volume 3 Issue 9 – Ashmore Estates

Released in September 2009, this issue of the Legends and Lore of Illinois concerns Ashmore Estates, the old almshouse on the Coles County Poor Farm. Ashmore Estates has gained notoriety lately because of its appearance on the Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures. In this issue, The Fallen arrive to investigate the alleged hauntings at the location, but instead encounter and expose a disgruntled clown who was creating disturbances in order to scare everyone away. He would have gotten away with it too, if it wasn’t for those darn kids!

9. Volume 1 Issue 6 – Resurrection Cemetery

The first year of the Legends and Lore of Illinois was filled with some of the most well-known haunted places in Illinois, so it comes as no surprise that our June 2007 issue on Resurrection Cemetery would make the list. In this issue, The Fallen retreat to Chet’s Melody Lounge after their questions are rebuffed by an annoyed employee at the cemetery visitor center. At Chet’s, they meet an inebriated Polish gentleman who tells the team about his own eerie encounter with Resurrection Mary.

8. Volume 2 Issue 11 – Hartford Castle

The November 2008 issue of the Legends and Lore of Illinois concerned an abandoned mansion opposite of the Mississippi River from St. Louis. While this “Hartford Castle” attracted some curiosity seekers in its heyday, people really began to take notice after the mansion mysteriously burnt to the ground in 1973. Visitors to these woods encounter old stone gazebos and statuary, as well as overgrown gardens. In this issue, The Fallen’s investigation is interrupted by a group of zealots bent on uncovering the location of an astral portal.

7. Volume 1 Issue 10 – Cuba Road

Cuba Road has long fascinated residents of the north Chicago suburbs, so it comes as no surprise that our October 2007 issue would make the list. A vanishing house, phantom automobiles, a cemetery filled with ghost lights, and more are all said to haunt the roadway. There was also said to be an abandoned insane asylum along a side street off Cuba Road. It turns out this “asylum” was nothing more than a large farmhouse, but in this issue of the Legends and Lore of Illinois, a group of zealots attempt to trap Mike and Aurelia with accusations of Satanic worship in this very farmhouse. Can they escape?

6. Volume 1 Issue 8 – Shoe Factory Road

The haunts along Shoe Factory Road are obscure compared to the others on this list, so the popularity of this issue is somewhat perplexing. Never the less, Shoe Factory Road’s abandoned schoolhouse and farm have attracted strange tales for years. Shortly after this issue of the Legends and Lore of Illinois hit the web in August 2007, the old schoolhouse was torn down to make way for yet another subdivision. Luckily, The Fallen were able to conduct an investigation there just before the demolition, and as they left, they encountered the zealots for the first time. Will these zealots be successful at beating them to the astral portal?

5. Volume 1 Issue 1 – Bachelor’s Grove

Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery is the most famous haunted place in Illinois, so it was a natural choice for the very first issue of the Legends and Lore of Illinois. With a vanishing house, ghost lights, a weeping woman, grave desecration, and even rumors of a two-headed monster, Bachelor’s Grove has attracted a lot of attention over the years – both good and bad. In January 2007, The Fallen ventured out to this foreboding place to capture evidence of paranormal activity. Instead, they stumbled upon the foundation of a house that may have been the historical basis of its phantasmal counterpart.

4. Volume 2 Issue 9 – Blood’s Point Road

A creepy name alone was enough to bring curiosity seekers out to this road and cemetery, but it was rumors of witchcraft, curses, phantom trucks, a bus accident, and a dog with glowing red eyes that turned the area into a local legend. Before Blood’s Point Road was featured on Fearnet’s “Streets of Fear,” however, it was visited by The Fallen, who experienced a harrowing encounter with a phantom vehicle. But this near-death experience wasn’t enough to keep them from their ultimate goal – stealing the bones of Big Thunder!

3. Volume 2 Issue 3 – Bartonville State Asylum

Also known as Peoria State Hospital, this old abandoned mental hospital has attracted a lot of attention in recent years as efforts have been made to restore its administrative building to its former glory. When The Fallen came here in March 2008, however, they had a different agenda. The previous month, Emmer had discovered that a mad scientist was trying to create a more ferocious kind of guard dog by cross-breeding various domesticated dogs with wild coyotes. The Fallen had reason to believe he was committed in the state asylum in Bartonville. Will they find the evidence they were looking for?

2. Volume 3 Issue 3 – Manteno State Hospital

In 1939, Manteno State Hospital was struck by an outbreak of Typhoid fever that resulted in the deaths of over 47 patients and staff. It was called the “Manteno Madness,” and the resulting scandal unseated the state director of public welfare. After the hospital’s closure in 1985, curiosity seekers began to explore the buildings and the mysterious tunnels that connected them. In our March 2009 issue, Aurelia encounters something sinister in these tunnels after arriving separately from the rest of the group.

1. Volume 3 Issue 6 – Chanute Air Force Base

Thanks to the thousands of Air Force veterans formerly stationed at Chanute Air Force Base, this has consistently been the most popular issue of the Legends and Lore of Illinois by far. Chanute Air Force Base served Illinois from 1917 until its closure in 1993. Soon after, people began to report seeing phantom airmen strolling the grounds, and in 2001 a police dog leapt to its death off the roof of White Hall. In this issue, The Fallen are joined by their friend Misa, who helps them rescue Davin from the clutches of a group of acolytes. The acolytes have Davin tied up in one of the old hangers. Will they get there in time, or will their friend be saved by some unseen interlopers?


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