Top 10 Halloween Food Ideas For Your Party

Halloween food
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Halloween is all about relishing every moment with the ghostly feelings. The costume, décor as well as the actions are all an imitation to the ghost characters. Most of them are read through fairy tales and horror fiction. And a few even make a road from the films. But all this excitement will make one hungry, so Halloween treats are the most important aspect of this event. Any sort of gathering should have a delightful meal to make the event remarkable.

Well, we also feel that way, and that is why we have gathered 10 delicious Halloween Food for the Halloween parties.

1. Mac-o-Lantern And Cheese Bowls

bell peppers, halloween food
Photo and recipe from Food Network

The Mac-o-Lantern and Cheese Bowls is the spooky appearance of the Mac and Cheese. This is a quite healthy Halloween Food good for the kids and all veg lovers. Further, this amazing recipe is easy to prepare and would take not more than 40 minutes. And with the standard ingredients, you can serve 6.

For the Mac-o-Lantern and Cheese Bowls you need salt, orange bell peppers, elbow macaroni, half-and-half, cream cheese, and shredded mild cheese. Prepare the bell peppers, cook the mac and cheese, and then assemble!

2. Mummy Hot Dogs

hot dog, halloween food
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For the sake of salt, bring in the Mummy Hot Dogs. This delicious Halloween Food is a perfect salty appetiser when there is everything filled with sweetness. This food is as simple as cooking the hot dogs and wrapping them in the crescent rolls. Once baked, create the eyes on the hot dogs. That completes the entire mummy costume for the hot dogs.

3. Gummy Worms On Candy Apples

apple, dessert, halloween food
Photo and Recipe from Woman’s Day

Worms on the apples! Gross! Scare the kids first and then make them taste it. They are surely going to love it. Gummy Worms on Candy Apples are spooky as well as irresistible Halloween Food that kids would never think about missing. Well, get the apples and insert wooden sticks in them. Prepare the tartar cream sauce and dip the apples in them. Then decorate the apples with the gummy worms, layer the praline crunch ice-cream topping and place the apples in them.

4. Bat Shaped Peanut Butter And Jelly Sandwich

sandwich, halloween decorations
Photo and Recipe from Woman’s Day

This should be the kids’ favourite Halloween food. The Bat Shaped Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches are quite easy to prepare. And you can also give this kids trick-or-treating. There is nothing much needed for this meal. All that is required is the peanut butter and jelly of whatever flavor you or your kids like. The new item that you may need is the bat cookie cutter. Actually, that is the fun maker in this Halloween Food. Prepare the sandwiches, spreading peanut butter on one slice of bread and jelly on the other. Combine the slices and use the bat cookie cutter to shape them as the bat. Freeze them for some time and then bring the munch delight out.

5. Witch Cupcakes

witch, cupcake, ice cream cone, halloween food
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If you want to add some more spookiness to the event, then go for the Witch Cupcakes, another sweet Halloween Food. It begins the same way as the common chocolate cupcakes. But in the end, its presentation creates the whole difference. Shape them up like witches and set them on the chocolate brooms. You can also use any other flavour of your choice. Use ice cream cones and the melted chocolate for the witch hat.

6. Red Velvet Vampire Cupcakes

cupcake, halloween food
Photo and Recipe from Food Network

Increase the spookiness of the event with the Red Velvet Vampire Cupcakes. This Halloween Food is among those perfect recipes that have delight as well as scariness for the diner. First, scare the guests with the vampire’s eyes on these cupcakes. And then let them enjoy the lavish taste of this exquisite recipe. Well, just in-between their tastefulness, scare them again with the sweet blood coming out of the cupcakes.

The preparation process is easy. But it takes over one and a half hours to prepare. All that is required is to bake the cupcakes. Alongside, prepare the frosting and the lava to be poured into the cakes. You would need the raspberry jam for the lava.

7. Mummified Brie

brie, halloween food
Photo and Recipe from

Let’s mummify the brie. Here is a simple Halloween Food with the magic of brie inside. It is quite easy to prepare. Wrap raspberry jam in brie and wrap the mixture in the puff pastry. Heat the closing edge to seal them. Brush egg on the dough and cover it with the strips of the dough. Put almonds or any other nut of your choice as eyes and oven it at 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Here you go, the mummified brie is ready to be served. And guess what, it would be the first one to disappear.

8. Spooky White Pizzas

pizza, halloween food
Photo and Recipe from Food Network

The white pizza is an easy meal to prepare when there are vegetarian fellas sitting at the home. Give the pizza a slightly spooky touch and make it the Halloween Food for the day. Well, the recipe we have here could save you a complete hour that you may spend on other activities for the day. Actually, this is the easiest recipe for the Spooky White Pizza you may ever come across.

Beginning with the ingredients, you need prepared pizza dough, general-purpose flour, olive oil, and finely grated clove garlic. Further, you need salt, grounded black pepper, ricotta cheese, shredded mozzarella cheese, grated parmesan, dried Italian seasoning and sliced pitted black olives for the eyes. Just bake the pizza dough and prepare the toppings.

9. Fossil Cookies

dinosaur, cookies
Photo and Recipe from

Once you try this Halloween Food, you would love to prepare it again and again. Get the sugar and black cocoa cookies and prepare their dough as instructed on their boxes. Bring in the insect shaped cookie cutter and use them to shape the cookies. Then bake the bookies as per box instruction. For the reflection effect, cook up the glaze using water, heavy cream and sugar. Gently spoon it to the cookies. Your Fossil Cookies are ready!

10. Eyeball Cookies

eye cookies, halloween food
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Let’s pull some eyes out! The Eyeball Cookies are among the traditional Halloween foods that you can never miss. This is one of the patent foods for this event. Well, grab white chocolate, vanilla wafers, food colours, and chocolate chips. Melt 113 grams of white chocolate and dip vanilla wafers in it. Then melt the rest of the chocolate and colour it as per your choice upon cooling. Shape the melted chocolate as the cookies and after it cools down to put a chocolate chip on each cookie. Right next to the chocolate chip, add the blood effects with the red food colour. The Eyeball cookies are ready.


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