Top 10 Ghost Tours In The US For The Brave Ones

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The US is a relatively young country, but it’s had more than its share of battles, blood, and horrible events. Every city has its own history of bloodshed, but some have a worse history than others. Considering some of these histories, it’s really not so surprising that certain cities and areas in cities are thought to be haunted. And where there are ghosts, there are also ghost tours for you to experience. So, if you love getting creeped out by the spectres that the past leaves behind, here are some of the best ghost tours in the US today.

1. Ghosts of New Orleans Tour

New Orleans, ghost tours
Image by Brenda Marks from Pixabay

New Orleans has a rich and sometimes dark cultural history and the most elaborate cemeteries you’ll ever see. It’s the home of voodoo and the economic history of the city is rooted in the slave trade. Add all that to the recent damage done by Hurricane Katrina, and it’s really not so surprising that the city has become known for its ghost tours.

The Ghosts of New Orleans Tour by Ghost City is consistently one of the most popular ghost tours. It explores the most haunted restaurants and hotels in the French Quarter, a place that’s famous for its ghostly inhabitants. The tour is family-friendly, so everyone can attend, but it’s thrillingly spooky at the same time. You’ll get to see the famous LaLaurie Mansion, where horrors left their mark on the walls, and hear the true-life stories told by dedicated and talented storytellers.

Basically, if you want to learn more about the spookier side of New Orleans history, this is one of the best ghost tours to start with.

2. Secrets of St. Augustine Ghost Tours

St. Augustine is the oldest city in the United States, and it’s seen a lot of trouble over the years. From plagues to massacres and disasters, this town has seen it all. Many of the buildings that housed the victims of these events are still standing. And you can explore the most haunted of them while you’re on one of the Secrets of St. Augustine Ghost Tours.

This is a walking tour that combines history and stories about the buildings and area. It starts at the Oldest Wooden Schoolhouse, where a broken-hearted mother is said to wander, before moving on to the old city gates, the Huguenot and Tolomato Cemeteries, an old funeral parlor, and St. George Inn. And the storytelling is simply marvellous too. On these ghost tours you’ll hear about all the histories of the ghosts. You’ll hear about plagues, massacres, and murders. And make sure you take plenty of photos and check them afterwards. Lots of people on this tour have reported seeing orbs in their photos, particularly in cemetery photos.

3. Salem Witch Walk

Salem witch house, ghost tours
New York Public Library’s Digital Library under the digital ID G90F283_012F: Public Domain.

The town of Salem is located in Massachusetts and there’s no question about why this place might be haunted. In 1692 the Salem witch trials ended in the horrific torture and execution of 20 innocent colonists. The way that these people died is part of why this town is so chilling. They were hung or drowned, and one man was even pressed to death by stones.

But this isn’t the only reason why this town may be haunted. It also contains the Bunghole, where an underground speakeasy was hidden under a funeral parlor. And the excavation of Wicked Good Books, where human remains were found underground, only adds to the creepy atmosphere. That’s why it’s not surprising that this town is full of ghost tours.

One of the best ghost tours if you want to learn the real truth of the town is the Haunted Footsteps Ghost Tour. This isn’t for the nervous. The tour lasts 1.5 hours and visits one of Salem’s famous cemeteries as well as the most haunted buildings in the town. You’ll learn all about the town’s darkest secrets and maybe have a paranormal experience of your own.

4. The Ultimate Greenwich Village Ghost Tour

You probably don’t think of New York as being haunted or having ghost tours. But if you look back through the history of this city, you’ll find plenty of reasons why the angry dead might still inhabit the city. New York has it all, and this includes a history that’s filled with murder scenes, massacres, and secret burial grounds,

Held in Greenwich Village, the Ultimate Greenwich Village Ghost Tour will show you a side of New York you’ve never heard about before. You’ll see the neighborhoods that inspired writers like Edgar Allen Poe and H.P. Lovecraft and delve into the darker side of the city.

These ghost tours last two hours and go deeper than other tours. Not only will you see murder scenes and hidden burial grounds, you’ll also learn about current and previous theories on ghosts and what creates them. It’s the type of tour that creeps you out and educates you at the same time.

5. Ghosts of Gettysburg Candlelight Tours

Ghost Tours, Gettysburg
Image by tazzanderson from Pixabay

The town of Gettysburg in Pennsylvania was host to the bloodiest battle of the U.S. Civil War. It contains battlefields where 50,000 soldiers were slain and endless stories of blood, suffering, and pain. So, it’s really no wonder that it’s become a hotspot for ghost tours like the Ghosts of Gettysburg Tours.

There are a lot of ghost tours available in the city and you definitely won’t be able to see all of the most haunted places in one tour. On the Ghosts of Gettysburg tours you can explore the County Courthouse on Baltimore Street, where wounded soldiers were housed after the famous battle. You’ll also get to see the church where so many amputations were performed that holes had to be made in the floor to let the blood drain. People have also reported seeing a ghostly undertaker heading towards the nearby cemetery, doing his job even after death. This is definitely not the kind of afterlife that most people are hoping for.

6. The Extreme Ghosts of Williamsburg Tours

Williamsburg is very much focused on the past. Much of the city has been painstakingly preserved from its birth in the 1600s. That’s why it’s so popular with travelers and history buffs. But it also means that some of the houses and buildings carry a darker tinge.

Life in early America was difficult. From massacres to battles and plagues, there were a thousand ways to die, many of them difficult and often horrific. And it is these stories and the impressions left behind in Williamsburg that make its ghost tours so popular.

After dark, this city changes, and you can experience these changes during the Extreme Ghosts of Williamsburg Tours. These candlelight tours aren’t for the fainthearted or the overly imaginative and they’re definitely not for children. Starting at 9.30 at night, you’ll head into the most haunted places in town with paranormal detection equipment in hand. When your EMF reader clicks, just try not to jump out of your skin!

During these ghost tours, you’ll hear all the local legends, stories, and folklore. And chances are that you’ll have a little trouble sleeping for as long as you’re staying in town too.

7. Savannah Shadows Ghost Tours

Ghost tours, Savannah
Image by zauberfrau_1962 from Pixabay

Savannah is a famously beautiful city, but it’s also famously haunted as well. In fact, it’s called one of the most haunted cities in America, which is why you’ll find ghost tours everywhere. And one of the best ghost tours available is the Savannah Shadows Tour.

The storytellers on this tour are amazing. You’ll hear all about the often-ignored secret stories of the city like the truth about the Hanging Square. And just try not to have nightmares after visiting the Dark Eyed Children’s playground. Everywhere you look in this city there are dark secrets, just waiting for you to discover them. Just remember that you should only go on this tour if you’re the type who doesn’t have nightmares after hearing scary stories.

8. Philadelphia Ghost Tours

Philadelphia in Pennsylvania is another old city with links back to colonial times. And all that history is great fodder for ghost tours. There are several buildings in the city that are said to be haunted as well as some truly creepy stories going back over 70 years. You’ll never look at the historic streets of this city the same way again after the Philadelphia Ghost Tours.

This tour will take you through historic graveyards and through winding, creepy back streets. You’ll learn about the history of the Independence Hall, and why it’s considered one of the most haunted places in the city. You’ll even explore a hidden strangers’ burial ground. And if you’re very lucky, you’ll see Benjamin Franklin’s spirit during your tour. Though if you’re unlucky, you might see the Hag of Pine Street instead.

If you want to see a really haunted place in Philadelphia, make sure you stop by the zoo. There are so many ghost sightings there that it’s been investigated by paranormal detectives and is a favorite amongst ghost hunters of all kinds.

9. Bird Cage Theater Tour, Tombstone

Tombstone, ghost tours, bird case theater
By Nick Ares – originally posted to Flickr as Tombstone, AZ, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Tombstone in Arizona has a Wild West history that just can’t be matched by any other city. The home of the infamous O.K. Corral Shootout and the Bird Cage Theater, once known as the wickedest theater in the west, this town has racked up a lot of bodies over the years. The town doesn’t look much different today to what it must have been like in the past, a fact that visitors on ghost tours seem to love.

There are lots of historic and ghost tours in this town. But Bird Cage Theater tour is one of Tombstone’s most popular ghost tours. The theater is housed in a building from the 1800s and has a lot of history behind it. When it was still the wickedest theater in the west, a performer was brutally killed during her act, making her a prime suspect for a haunting. And to make it even worse, there are still more than 120 bullet holes in the theater’s walls. You’ll also get to see Black Moriah, the hearse that brought gunfighters to Boot Hill cemetery.

There’s no end to the history or creepy remnants from the past that you’ll see during this tour. You can even go down into the basement rooms, which were once used by ‘Ladies of the Night’ to ply their trade. And keep your camera at the ready in case one of the angry spirits that are said to inhabit this theater decide to make an appearance.

10. Haunted Heartland Tours

The Haunted Heartland Spirits & Spirits Ghost Tours will show you a side of Canal Fulton you’ve never seen. Located in Ohio, this small town is famous for its historic beauty and for containing some of the most haunted locations in the state. This is a place that saw violent murders and the harshness of frontier living, so don’t be surprised if the ghosts there seem a little angry.

The tour starts with a canal boat ride pulled by horses and a walk to Canal Fulton’s historic distillery. This is a place that’s full of stories about moonshiners, unmarked graves, and hauntings, and you’ll get to hear and see it all. After that, the ghost tours head down for drinks and snacks on Canal Street, making it the most delicious ending to a haunting tour of the town.

You can’t understand a city unless you face its darker side. And these are some US cities with histories that just refuse to lay down and rest. So, the next time you’re in the neighborhood, explore a different side of your favorite city with the best ghost tours on offer.


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