Top 10 Abandoned Hotels In The World

Abandoned hotels
Photo by Marten Bjork on Unsplash

For many centuries, businessmen build hotels to provide comfort and lush service to the guests or tourists. The owners always try to make all the inns or hotels look unique and splendid. Who does not want to grab the attention and boost the business? But there are also a few hotels in the world which are famous and have become talk of the town for completely different reasons.

We are talking about the abandoned hotels which are for some reason left deserted and created many stories. Be it because of changing times or political reason or some kind of financial condition, the hotels met a very poor fate. Among so many hotels, we have selected 10 abandoned hotels around the world which are unique for their own reasons.

1. Igloo City

igloo hotel, abandoned hotels
Photo from Pixabay

This hotel situated in Alaska called Igloo City is in Cantwell near the George Parks Highway. The concrete structure resembles an igloo. The construction work started in 1970 and resulted in a four-storey building for the guests who visited Alaska. The hotel is standing in the middle of nowhere. It looks like a big igloo house with faded white colour.

But because the developers didn’t follow building codes, the government never allowed it to operate. Now, the construction is still unfinished and has become an abandoned hotel. Now it is just another mere attraction for the visitors. Anyone who has curiosity can go inside to have a look and take pictures. But if you have decided to visit, do not go there all alone. Take precautions as well to avoid any kind of surprise or shock.

2. Hotel Belvedere du Rayon Vert

hotel, abandoned hotels
Photo by BlueBreezeWiki on Wikimedia Commons

This gorgeous hotel is in the village of Cerberus in Southern France. The building resembles a ship and has art deco influences. It was a very luxurious and posh hotel with facilities like tennis court, ballroom, theatre, etc. Léon Baille, a Perpignan architect built it from 1928 to 1932. It is situated near the railroad. Visitors used to spend their nights there while waiting for their scheduled train.

But the glorious days did not last long because the Spanish War caused the borders to shut down. As there was no rail traffic during wartime, visitors started decreasing. Since then, it became an abandoned hotel. The government declared the building as a historic monument in 1987. In 2014, they decided to reconstruct a part of the hotel to turn it into a few apartments. Visitors can go there in the afternoon for a tour.

3. Riviera Hotel

riviera, abandoned hotels
Photo by kokalola on Wikimedia Commons

The Riviera Hotel is situated in Las Vegas, Nevada. The hotel opened in 1955 and operated up to 2015. The ‘Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority’ decided to a make place for Las Vegas Global Business District by demolishing the building. The luxurious hotel had a Mediterranean theme, with 2,100 rooms to accommodate the influx of guests. It was once a popular location for movies and had many famous movie scenes filmed there. In 2016, the council that owns the hotel decided to demolish it.

4. Ryugyong Hotel

ryugyong hotel, abandoned hotels
Photo by Jospeh Ferris III on Wikimedia Commons

This hotel is in North Korea. It was a monument for Kim Il-sung, the eternal leader of North Korea. The hotel stands at 330 metres tall with 105 stories. It resembles a pyramid and the government’s main aim was to build the tallest building in the world. The construction work started in 1987 but never finished as an economic crisis occurred in 1992.

Now it holds the Guinness World Record of tallest unoccupied building in the world. Though the construction work restarted in 2008, the exterior was done in 2011. There was an announcement of the hotel’s operation in 2012-13 but it never happened. The government had many attempts to complete the work and open the building until now.

5. Prora

prora, abandoned hotels
Photo in Public Domain

Prora or Colossus of Prora is located in Germany. On the Rügen Island, the Nazis built this beach resort for the Kraft durch Freude. The construction started in 1936 and continued till 1939. There are eight buildings which are identical and built like a straight line parallel to the sea beach. It was 4.5 km long. It was not used as a holiday resort as per the plan and became a place for the military after the 2nd World War.

The Soviet Army, the East German Volksarmee and the German Bundeswehr were past occupants. Hitler had many ambitious plans about this resort. He wanted to make it a huge resort at the seaside. Also, the thought of turn it to a military hospital during wartime was considered as well. Building the Putlitz’s Festival Hall for entertaining 20,000 guests was included as well. A theatre, 2 wave-swimming pools, a large dock and a cinema were planned to be built. The designs were so great that it won the Grand Prix award in 1937.

When the 2nd World War started, the construction workers were transferred to a different plant and the work of Prora stopped. The building blocks were empty with incomplete interiors. During the war, one of the housing blocks was a refugee camp and shelter for homeless people. After the German reunification, the place became empty and the owners attempted to sell the place many times. From 1993 to 1990 it was a youth hostel, one of the largest in the whole Europe. From 2004, the blocks started to sell slowly. At present, there is a youth hostel and Block 1 as summer homes to various buyers.

6. Sheraton Rarotonga

sheraton hotel, abandoned hotels
Photo by JERRYE AND ROY KLOTZ MD on Wikimedia Commons

The resort is in Cook Island on the coast road of Rarotonga. The island is so surreal with warm weather, sandy beaches, and blue waters. It is a perfect destination for any tourist or traveler. Hence, the hotel was present. However, there are rumours that mafia money was invested the project. Also, the locals said that the land is cursed, because of a battle and murder incident in 1911.

Nobody showed any interest to do anything with the land. The government asked for help to build a hotel or resort. Sheraton agreed and signed a deal. The project stopped even if the construction was almost complete because of fund shortage. Hilton also tried to do some resurrect work, but could not do anything. Many showed interest earlier, but nothing worked at the end. Finally, the place has become a jungle of concrete and the building currently stands like a ghost place.

7. Haludovo Palace Hotel

haludovo place hotel, abandoned hotels
Photo by Thorsten Schroeteler on Wikimedia Commons

In Krk, Croatia, there is Haludovo Palace Hotel. The resort aims to target the vacationers at the beach area in Croatia. A casino known as the Penthouse Adriatic Club is present at the hotel. Bob Guccione, the founder of Penthouse Magazine, invested a huge amount of money in the casino. The hotel started flourishing over in 1967, when the country canceled the visa requirement. Foreigners came there to enjoy the surroundings and the lavish treatment of the hotel. There were pools, saunas, a cocktail bar, world-class cuisine and a tennis court. But unfortunately, the casino suffered a huge loss and went bankrupt.

The hotel ran for another few years and finally closed down because of the Homeland war. The hotel became vacant. At that time, foreign investment was not possible due to communism in Yugoslavia. The refugees took shelter there during the Yugoslav Wars. When Croatia finally gained independence, the hotel was already vacant for years and lost the glory. From 1995, the hotel passed through many hands. They all tried to restart the business, but was unsuccessful. After 2001, the hotel finally closed down. Haludovo is now a ghost town and the complex is standing there as an abandoned hotel.

8. Divine Lorraine Hotel

divine lorraine hotel, abandoned hotels
Photo by Peter Clericuzio on Wikimedia Commons

The hotel stands in North Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Willis G. Hale designed the building. Construction was from 1892 to 1894. At first, the building is to be luxury apartments for wealthy people. But in 1900, Metropolitan Hotel Company bought it and turned it into a hotel. The building and architecture reflect the history of the city. Due to the industrial revolution, people were looking for better lifestyle. The luxurious living was a great attraction. Also, at that time, the buildings were not as high as today’s buildings because there were no elevators.

The hotel had 10 stories and it is one of the tallest buildings in the city. Father Divine bought the building in 1948. He first introduced the racially integrated hotel in USA. The Father was the leader of the organisation ‘International Peace Mission Movement’. So, a certain level of rules or modesty was required there. Father passed away in 1965.

The hotel continued to entertain guests for 50 years. Then it was closed down in 1999 and then sold a year later. After that, another entity bought it and decided to turn the hotel into apartments. But it never happened and all the furniture was sold. In 2015, renovation plan was announced. Apartments and restaurants were built and sold to the respective buyers.

9. Hotel Polissya, Pripyat, Ukraine

hotel polissya, abandoned hotels
Photo by Matti Paavonen on Wikimedia Commons

The hotel is located in Pripyat, Ukraine. It is an eight-storey building and one of the tallest in Pripyat. People used to come to visit the Chernobyl Power Plant and stay in the hotel. The hotel was quite popular at that time. In 1986, the whole city of Pripyat needed to evacuate because of the Chernobyl Plant explosion. Which is why, the hotel became an abandoned one as well.

This city, including the hotel, were all victims of the explosion. About 50,000 people used to live in this city but everyone fled to avoid the reaction of the deadly explosion. The hotel was only 10 years old when it was deserted. Now the hotel stands tall as a reminder of the golden days of the city and also the fateful incident. From the roof of the hotel, one can easily observe the whole city.

10. El Hotel Del Salto, Colombia

colombia, abandoned hotels
Photo by Petruss on Wikimedia Commons

The hotel is in San Antonia Del Tequendama, situated in the country Colombia. It was a 1920s residential mansion built. Carlos Arturo Tapias designed the building. The hotel was for the elite citizen to cater to their lavish tastes. The view of Tequendama Falls from the hotel was fascinating. For the next 60 years, it ran successfully. The train was used to reach the hotel from Bogota. Then in 1950, it was closed down for renovation work. At that time, there was problem in Bogota River.

Due to contamination in the river, the project was unsuccessful. The waste water was dumped in the water from the industrial areas. The hotel was decaying and deteriorating. Finally, it was completely closed down during 90’s era. No one was there to visit or take care of it. The hotel became haunted and full of mystery. Many ghost stories in the hotel surfaced as well. In 2013, the hotel made into a museum and is open for tourists.

There are also other places where you will find some haunted or broken abandoned hotels, resorts, or inns. If you are interested, visit these above-mentioned forgotten hotels to know and observe the change of time. You can get the taste of ancient history and architecture. Their history will definitely make you excited and cringe at the same time.


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