Is Lemp Mansion a Paranormal Tourist Trap?

Bob and I traveled to St. Louis last Monday night to stay at The Lemp Mansion and attend Betsy Belanger’s Haunted History Tour. Betsy is the director of the St. Louis Spirit Search paranormal group, and she has been conducting tours at The Lemp Mansion for the last nineteen years. Before we traveled, I sent […]

Missouri’s Top 10 Most Haunted Places

Historically, Missouri has been the gateway to the American West. It sits at the confluence of the three great waterways of North America: the Mississippi, Missouri, and Ohio Rivers. The St. Louis Arch is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the United States. Missourians are notorious skeptics, earning their state nickname “The Show Me […]

Top 10 Most Haunted Places in the Midwest

The American Heartland brings to mind rolling fields of corn and grain, apple pie, and …ghosts? For the past several years, Mysterious Heartland has scoured hundreds of books, articles, and websites to find the most interesting haunted and legendary places in the Midwest. With infamous locations like Griggs Mansion, Bachelor’s Grove, Bullock Hotel, and dozens […]

Top 10 Creepiest Haunted Houses in the Midwest

Looming out of the prairie, or standing like a sentinel on a quiet street, the old Victorian mansion or derelict farmhouse dominates our nightmares. We at Mysterious Heartland know that every town and city has at least one, but what are the most infamous and haunted houses and mansions in the heartland? After much debate, […]

Paranormal 101: Haunted Missouri

In this monthly segment, I will provide a list of books I think anyone interested in folklore, ghost stories, the unusual & the paranormal would enjoy. Most of these can be found on (often at discounted rates) or at your local library. Each list of books will be arranged by topic and will be […]