Ghosts: Appearances of the Dead & Cultural Transformation

How have apparitions of the dead appeared in Western culture over the centuries? How has that appearance changed? Why has that appearance changed? These are the questions Ronald C. Finucane, late Distinguished Professor of History at Oakland University in Auburn Hills, Michigan, tackles in his book Ghosts: Appearances of the Dead and Cultural Formation. The answers he […]

Unreal presences in the night…

“Nobody knows when, where, or why the first ghost walked this earth. But from the time that earliest man gathered around a circle of fire, words were whispered about unreal presences in the night… shadows of the dead which refused to die. The stories were passed down through the ages, from culture to culture, and […]

Ghosts are a paradox…

“Ghosts are a paradox. They are things that should not exist in the normal world. The system of life and death is simple. A person is born, they live out their life, they die, and then their soul moves onto another plane of existence. In the case of a ghost, something is broken in the […]

Footsteps hurrying down empty hallways…

“Few people will ever see a spirit appear in human form but plenty will experience other phenomena of the hereafter. Footsteps hurrying down empty hallways, laughter coming from no obvious source and phantom furniture being moved in empty rooms are all good indicators that spirits are at play. Sightings are fleeting and often manifest where […]

Spring Street Haunting

From Echoes from the Grave by Larry Wilson. It was on December 30, 2011 that I was contacted through email by a good friend of mine named Janice Hibbert. Her email simply said, “My daughter needs help with stuff going on in her house, can you call me?” She listed her phone number in the […]