Paranormal 101: Buried Treasure

In these posts, I will provide a list of books I think anyone interested in the paranormal would benefit from reading. Each list will be arranged by topic and will be accompanied by some notes of my own. Enjoy! Chaplan, Michael. The Urban Treasure Hunter: A Practical Handbook for Beginners. Square One Publishers, 2004. Henson, […]

Skeleton Found Under Floor of Cave-in-Rock Home

Southern Illinois’ independent newspaper, the Disclosure, has broken this story out of Hardin County: CAVE-IN-ROCK— “A remodeling project turned grisly this weekend for a family in the river town of Cave-In-Rock, Illinois. Sources have told Disclosure that Hardin County Sheriff Smoky Cullison has confirmed human bones were found under the floor in an old house […]

‘They Came in the Night’

The Fallen

A full moon illuminated the thin layer of snow that coated the rocks, valleys, and crags of Starved Rock State Park, causing a bluish hue to be reflected off the naked and dormant branches of the deciduous forest. Despite recent snowfall, the temperature was crisp but bearable. The air was perfectly still. Heavy footsteps tromped […]

Explore the Secrets of Starved Rock State Park!

Starved Rock State Park

The New Issue of the Legends and Lore of Illinois has Arrived! Starved Rock State Park is a natural, scenic woodland park surrounding a large butte overlooking the Illinois River. It contains 18 canyons and 13 miles of trails. American Indians inhabited the site for several thousand years before the French arrived and built a […]

Top 10 Lost Treasures in Illinois

Many of you may not know that Illinois is loaded with forgotten loot and buried treasure, but millions of dollars in gold and silver are right under your feet – if you can find it. Luckily, Mysterious Heartland is there to bring you the story of some of Illinois’ most notorious lost treasures! Perhaps you have […]