“Psychic” Creates Media Stir with False Report

Photo by Jose Antonio Gallego Vázquez on Unsplash

Yesterday, some news networks reported that dozens of bodies of children had been found at a rural home near Hardin, Texas. Today, it seems that report was wrong. It turns out that police and news crews were reacting to a false claim by someone calling herself a psychic. According to the Associated French Press,

 State, local and federal agents combed the area around a rural home after a woman who claimed to be psychic called police twice to report the mass grave at in Hardin, Texas about 50 miles (31 kilometers) northeast of Houston. She provided a very good description of both the outside and interior of the one-storey brown brick home and blood was found on the porch, which prompted police to get a search warrant and call in reinforcements. Soon, local media were reporting that as many as 25 to 30 bodies — including children — were found on the rural property. But those reports turned out to be false.

‘We searched the premises there is no indication there are any bodies at this residence, property or shed,’ Rex Evans, a captain with the Liberty County sheriff department, told reporters.

Even more surprised was Joe Bankson, the owner of the home, who said that his daughter’s ex-boyfriend had attempted suicide there and they still hadn’t been able to clean up all the blood, but that he had definitely not killed anyone. Now, the alleged psychic might be the one charged with a crime. The Houston Chronicle reported,

“[Liberty County sheriff’s Captain Rex] Evans said local authorities will consider pursuing charges against the caller, depending on the outcome of further investigations. Specifically, they will want to know whether the caller knew the family and may have had some grudge.”

Police said they took the woman’s call seriously because she seemed to know details about the farm. In the future, however, they may be more hesitant to act on the reports of people claiming to be psychic. Skeptics will rejoice, but what do you think? Leave your comments!


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