“Man hunting ghost train killed by real train”

    Photo by Todd Trapani on Unsplash

    By RAD BERKY / NewsChannel 36
    E-mail Rad: RBerky@WCNC.com

    [This article really shows why it’s important use some common sense when you go out looking for ghosts, although this man’s valor in saving that woman should obviously be commended -ed.]

    STATESVILLE, N.C.– Christopher Kaiser, 29, of Charlotte was part of a group hoping to hear the sounds of a ghost train Thursday night on an isolated railroad bridge just outside of Statesville. What Kaiser and the others never heard, apparently, was a real train coming around the corner onto the same bridge. Kaiser, and a woman with him, were the last of the group to try to run off the bridge ahead of the train. They would not make it. Kaiser, in an attempt to save the woman, pushed her off the side, then he was hit by the train and knocked over the side as well…

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