Paranormal Investigators

Bruce Cline
Bruce Cline is a paranormal investigator and ghost historian. He received B.S. and B.A. Degrees from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Illinois.

Becky Guymon
Becky is a genealogist and founder of Illinois Metaphysical & Paranormal Society.

Robert Veach
Robert Veach is an engineer and the founder of a paranormal group called VParanormal.

Melissa Tanner
Melissa Tanner is the founder and lead investigator for TnT Paranormal Investigators, LLC (TnT Paranormal) out of the Chicagoland area.

Gary Hawkins
Gary S. Hawkins is a professional paranormal investigator who has been involved with “ghost hunting” since 1994. During those years he has conducted haunted History tours of Alton, Illinois with Antoinette’s Haunted History Tours.

Dale Kaczmarek
Dale Kaczmarek is president of the Ghost Research Society, founder of Excursions Into The Unknown, Inc., and author of Windy City Ghosts, Windy City Ghosts II, and Field Guide to Spirit Photography, among others.

Jim Heater
Jim Heater is the founder and lead investigator of the Champaign Illinois Paranormal Society, based out of the Champaign-Urbana area in east central Illinois.

Edward Shanahan
Edward Shanahan is a Chicago Psychic Reader, Medium, Spirit Feeler, does Channeling and is the Chicago area Paranormal Host of Chicago Paranormal Nights.

Carl Jones
Carl Jones has been a paranormal investigator for nearly 18 years. He teaches two levels of community learning classes called “Ghosts, Hauntings, and the Unexplained” at Lincoln Land Community College in Springfield. He is also the host of Prairieland Paranormal Consortium and local director of MUFON.

Aaron Powers
Aaron Powers is a graduate student in Biomedical Science and co-founder of the Forest City Paranormal Society in Rockford, Illinois. With the help of the Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee, he is currently filming a documentary about paranormal investigation.

Tony Hubert
Tony Hubert is the founder and lead investigator of the Illinois Paranormal Society. He was born and raised in Kankakee, Illinois. After high school, he spent 6 years in the Army. He currently has two children and is getting married next year.

Dan Norvell
Dan Norvell is founder of Small Town Paranormal and for the past year has worked to raise awareness of the damage caused by vandals to Blood’s Point Cemetery in Boone County.

John Stephenson
For the last four years, John has moderated the website and employed a technical and scientific approach to paranormal research.

Ron Fabiani
Founder of the Chicago Paranormal Detectives.

Larry Wilson
Creator of the independent documentary “Strange Williamsburg Hill.”

Brian Hendrian
Of the Shelby Cryptozoology Research Society and the United States Paranormal Society.

Tim Sandefur
Organizer of the Chicago Paranormal Research Society.

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