Interview with Chris O. Biddle, of Windy City Ghostbusters

Windy City Ghostbusters

Windy City Ghostbusters is a group of Chicago Ghostbuster enthusiasts who make and wear their own movie-accurate costumes. They are available to attend your party or event, dressed as Ghostbusters, in exchange for reasonable donations to local charity group. WCGB has partnered with La Rabida Children’s Hospital (Chicago, IL) and the Treehouse Animal Shelter (Chicago, IL) to direct 100% of collected donations to those two organisations.

What inspired the Windy City Ghostbusters and what are your goals? Are there Ghostbuster-themed groups in other cities as well?

“The WCGB was founded by Greg Inda, Alan Hawkins and myself (Chris O. Biddle) to bring together the Ghostbuster enthusiasts in and around our city. We had made friends with ghostbusters in Milwaukee and were impressed by what they were doing. So, we definitely patterned ourselves off of their model – friendly GBs who come to your event, in costume, to talk about the movie Ghostbusters and raise funds for the Children’s Hospital.”

10629772_808336195865214_3864553388226951491_nWhat kind of events have the Windy City Ghostbusters participated in, which was your favourite, and why?

“Well, we enjoy a good parade. We’ve marched in the Halsted Halloween Parade, the South Side St. Patty’s Day Parade, the official Chicago St. Patty’s Day Parade and the McDonald’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. We love the laughs and cheers that we get when people recognise us as Ghostbusters. The Chicago St. Patrick’s Day Parade is particularly good. We see our friend ghostbusters from around the Midwest region at that event. It’s a great big party!”

Do you try to adhere closely to the film in terms of portraying the Ghostbusters, or do you take some creative liberties? How did you create the costumes and equipment?

“We try to be as screen accurate, as possible with our costumes and equipment. Credit to the designers in the original movies, they made some incredible props and costumes. They’re pretty iconic. So, we just try to get close. Most of our props and costumes are made by our members, using a variety of techniques. Everything from paper mache to 3D printing. A lot of ebay searching.”

Who are the current members of the group and what do they each bring to the team? Can anyone be a Windy City Ghostbuster, or is there a selection process?

“Too many to name. Currently, there are about 20 WCGB members and we’re always looking for more. We have a note posted on our wall about becoming a member. We ask that prospective members attend a few events, so that we can get to know them and then we do a group vote. We keep it pretty simple.”

What can we look forward to from the Windy City Ghostbusters in 2015?

“Parades and web videos. We’re working with an exciting new filmmaker, Demian Krentz, on a series of short, comedic web videos. He put together our “Introducing the Windy City Ghostbusters” video. Look to see more of them in 2015.”

How can our readers find out more about the Windy City Ghostbusters, or contact you about appearances and events?

“Our website is That directs back to our Facebook page, which is where you can see the latest projects for our team!”


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