Interview with Cassidy Rae, Spiritual Medium

Cassidy Rae

Cassidy Rae  is 15 years old and has been using her gift as a spiritual medium to enlighten and help people across the country.  She assists in paranormal investigations, provides readings, and speaks at various events about her experiences, para unity, and her double life as a teenage medium. Recently, she has starred in the web series “Dead People See Me.”

Please tell us a little about when you started developing your abilities. Was it something that you noticed when you were growing up, or was there an incident that triggered them?

“I was never fully aware of my abilities until Halloween of 2011. I was at the MacArthur Inn in Narrows, Virginia on my first ghost hunt ever. There was a lot going on, paranormal wise and with actual people. I started seeing lights, shadows, mists, hearing people say my name, basically everything that comes along with my gift hit all at once. Before this night, there were a few incidents were I pondered the possibility of having a gift, but I had always brushed it off as my imagination or coincidence. Nothing major had ever happened to make me think, “Yes, I can see spirits” until that night.”

What kind of response have you gotten from your paranormal web show, Dead People See Me? What is the most interesting place you’ve investigated?

“I’ve met a lot people who I now consider family through the web show. I’ve also been asked to come to numerous places all over the country, which is something that a lot of people my age don’t get to do. The most interesting place I’ve investigated, in my opinion, is Hale’s Bar and Marina in Guild, Tennessee. That was the first location where there was scientific evidence to support my ability, which were Flir camera images of my brain patterns during communication with a spirit.”

Have you ever encountered anything on an investigation you felt you couldn’t handle? What do you do if/when you encounter a hostile entity?

“There have only been three times which I have experienced what consider demons. They were all by complete accident, situations where we were roped into these investigations. We are very cautious and careful about where I investigate. When I come across these spirits, I put the client in contact with a person of more capabilities to help than I have. Minor hostile spirits, the more angry ones, I can handle myself by coming to either a compromise with to help families, or I can smudge and bless the house.”

You recently visited Tinker Swiss Cottage in Rockford, Illinois – what was your impression of the museum, and did you get in contact with any of the spirits there?

“The Tinker Swiss Cottage Museum was very interesting. The objects in the house hold a lot of residual energy, as well as the house itself. I was lucky enough to be in the house when a train passed, so I got to experience the residual energy change within the whole house that accompanies the train. I also came into contact with Mr. and Mrs. Tinker while in the house.”

What did you encounter during your investigation at Ashmore Estates in Ashmore, Illinois? How many ghosts do you believe haunt the building? Do you believe (as some TV shows claim) that there is a negative presence there?

“There were a lot of energies in Ashmore Estates, most of them residual. I feel like the spirits really do not like people being in there, as a lot of them hid while we were in there. We did get some responses from a little girl using a doll and cradle we brought as trigger objects in the form of EVPs. As for the negative presence, I did sense it, but it was very negative so I didn’t focus on it or really go near it while we investigated. I also got chased out of a room, which successfully freaked me out, hahaha.”

How do you balance your personal and school life with your Internet-TV program, appearances, and investigations? Are your friends at school generally supportive of your interest in the paranormal?

Cassidy Rae1

“My good friends at school are very supportive of what I do, 

they’ve even been on events with me. 

Being in high school, you naturally have the talk but I’ve never had anything said to my face about it. As far as traveling with appearances go, I’ve mana

ged to keep my grades up despite being gone a lot. We also schedule appearances only

 on weekends so I’m not missing a lot of days.



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