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hotel belvedere, croatia
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Among the most famous abandoned places in the world, Hotel Belvedere has a sound presence. It gives a glance into the recent past of Dubrovnik. It tells about the grim of war that is not only terrifying but also brings several calamities upon the people of a country.

The destruction ultimately leading to abandonment of this prestigious hotel is none other than a terrible misery. It was a shining star for Dubrovnik attracting people from far off places to visit this charming place.

The place is now an abode for cats and dogs. There is no presence of a single human soul in the abandoned hotel rooms. Though the city itself has recovered in an amazing fashion from the destruction of the War of Independence, Hotel Belvedere stays standing with rust and gloom at the southeastern part of this amazing city.

Welcome To Hotel Belvedere…

hotel belvedere

Hotel Belvedere is an abandoned hotel in Dubrovnik, Croatia that used to be one of the most attractive places for tourists. The hotel has more than 200 rooms with dozens of suites that were luxurious enough to attract influential people from all over the region. But if you have a look at the rooms now, you’ll just see walls with paintings and graffiti on them. Everything is in a bad shape and the hotel is vacant.

The famous TV series Game of Thrones used this hotel for one of the most captivating scenes in the show. They used a courtyard at the back of the hotel and gave a mesmerising look of the sea.

A Russian man named Viktor Vekselberg bought the hotel in 2014 at an auction. Vekselberg disallowed tourism at the hotel. However, it is still not sure what the fate of this hotel is going to be afterwards.


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Photo by Kigsz on Wikimedia Commons

Hotel Belvedere is at the southeast corner of Dubrovnik and faces the Adriatic Sea. This sea used to provide an amazing view to the visitors back in the 80s when the hotel stood in its full glory. The city of Dubrovnik is otherwise more like any historical city, but Hotel Belvedere’s location is magical. The surroundings are serene and pacifying. They are sure to comfort almost anyone’s mind making him forget all his troubles.

Hotel Belvedere hosted some attractive cafes and clubs. Café Maximilian was the main café in the premises. This café used to be a stunning place for tourists. The visitors would feel at home while relishing the food in this cafe. Now, you will only see the ruins and signs of destruction. There are shattered pieces of glass, cracked floors and broken lamps hanging from the ceiling.

Besides the Café Maximilian, there were clubs in the hotel too. These included Club New Orleans and a night club with the name Club Trabadur. There used to be great and entertaining parties hosted in these clubs, but they have been lying dead there ever since. All the bars that were used to serve drinks to the guests are now full of rust and rubble.

The rooms of Hotel Belvedere present a gloomy picture. If you take a look at an abandoned hotel room, you’ll see the great location and the feel of luxury that the room had. The usual abandoned hotel room presents broken windows, smashed floor and cracked roof. Extending from the abandoned hotel room towards the Adriatic Sea, you can see the long and roomy terrace. The typical abandoned hotel room also presents a restroom that is in the same condition as the rest of the room. All these fancies that were an essential part of the rooms of Hotel Belvedere are now nothing more than a cracked part of a deserted 5-star hotel.     


hotel belvedere

The old city of Dubrovnik is one of the UNESCO heritage sites. It has many buildings and infrastructure of historical significance. One of the most attractive of them is the wall of the city itself. The wall of the Dubrovnik old town was built in the 16th century, and can be seen at a good distance from the Adriatic Sea. The Dubrovnik old town is also the host of the historically important buildings like Rector’s Palace, The Franciscan Church and Monastery, Church of St. Ignatius of Loyola and Fort Lovrijenac. There is also a historic museum here that features the ornaments and weaponry of the past.  

Hotel Belvedere also became a part of the heritage of this Dubrovnik old town. The majestic hotel was built in 1985. It served the guests for about 6 years when the Croatian War of Independence set in. This war had a very bad influence on this hotel. It was destroyed by an attack from the Serbian Army against Yugoslavia.

The hotel stayed as it is after that war. Dubrovnik itself rose to its glory over the decades, but the hotel was neglected. No one paid any heed to the repair or reconstruction of the hotel. It soon became a spot for the tourists who wished to take a look into the devastations of the war.

Reason Of Abandonment

The hotel itself was a symbol of captivation. It was a whole world in itself for anyone visiting the shores of Dubrovnik. However, the War of Independence in 1991 shattered it into several pieces. There were several attacks by the Serbian forces on the old city of Dubrovnik. Since Hotel Belvedere was located at the shore of the city, it was badly affected by the attacks.

After the war and the Yugoslavian regime came to an end, owners made efforts to recover Dubrovnik to its original shape. The city regained its glory and majesty, but the hotel was ignored. It was abandoned as it was after the war, and none of the authorities paid any attention to it. Over the years the hotel became a ruin. It still has the original structure that includes the hotel, cafes and rooms, but the hotel lies uninhabited to this very day.

Final Thoughts

Hotel Belvedere has its majestic days, but also saw warfare and bloodshed. Sadly, it didn’t get its former fame and majesty back. If only walls could talk… we wonder what stories they could tell us.


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