Shoe Factory Road

Download this issue!Shoe Factory Road – Hoffman Estates, IL
By Michael Kleen

Read about this location and more in Legends and Lore of Illinois: The Definitive Collection

Read about this location and more in Legends and Lore of Illinois: The Definitive Collection

The most distinctive feature on Shoe Factory Road in Hoffman Estates is an old, derelict Spanish Colonial revival style building.  Just down the street, in the direction of the Poplar Creek Forest preserve, sits an abandoned farm.  Both are rumored to be haunted.

The unique, stone house was at one time the Charles A. Lindbergh School, named after the famed aviator and American patriot.  According to John Russell Ghrist, who has written on and researched the school extensively, the current structure was built in 1929 to replace the Helberg School, named after a neighboring farmer, after it burnt down.

The Lindbergh School’s first enrollment consisted of 29 students from the surrounding community.  Their teacher was named Anne W. Fox, who would be employed there for most of the school’s existence.

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  1. My husband and I live on the East side of Elgin and regularly drive down Shoe Factory Rd. The old stone school was demolished in 2008. Though the inside walls were covered with grafitti, I never heard of any genuine haunting activity taking place there. At least, no first hand accounts.

    When we first moved to Elgin in 2004, the haunted farmhouse with barn and silo were just down the street from the old stone school. The farmhouse always looked very creepy to me. But, both have since caught fire and burned to the ground. The story I heard in connection with the farmhouse was that a family was living there and allowed an indigent man to sleep in their barn after they fed him. I’m not sure if he was there only 1 night or a few nights. But, he went psycho one night and murdered the entire family (5 people) and then killed himself. Haven’t tried to verify this however.


  2. My friends and I went to this place last night to try to get a good scare. The buildings, for the most part, have been tore down. Two sheds and the silo still stand.

    I was going off of the idea stated about. We got a picture of a little kid with a hole thru its stomach. Similarly a pair of beady red eyes from inside the woods. This amongst other things [shadows, bangs, sounds of chains, and a final scream coming from the shed in which we were and knew was empty] drove us out.

    Today I got curious and found some information about the place. There was a family there, the Tweets I believe. Earl Tweet, I think. Him, his wife, and one of his Sons were found brutally murdered in the house. One of their dogs was found shot as well.

    So it was still a murder, not as juicy as the other stories fabricated around this house, but still interesting.


  3. Bill Ryan says:

    My aunt was one of the last one room school teachers in Cook County. She taught at the school which was located on old Route 72 just west of where Shoe Factory Road meets the new Route 72. It was a nursery school in the 1970’s and then was torn down. The road is now hidden with bushes and trees. The site is near where the tollway now crosses Route 72. My aunt lived in Elgin in the 50’s but now resides in LaGrange.


  4. Andy G says:

    Huh, I always wondered about that road. I ride my motorcycle down it all the late at night and always got the heeby geebies. That and i would swear i would see things out of the corner of my eyes. I always dismissed it as just being late at night on a dark road. I guess maybe it wasn’t.


  5. stan sinclair says:

    so me and my girlfriend went there about an hour ago and the remainds of the torn down building r there, and there looks, no lie, to be 2 bodies in 2 bags. there is alot of bleach and bubble rap there also. there are alot bullet holes in there aswell as grafitti. pretty scarry but idk about haunted



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