Blood’s Point Road

Download this issue!Blood’s Point Road – Boone County, IL
By Michael Kleen

Read about this location and more in Legends and Lore of Illinois: The Definitive Collection

Read about this location and more in Legends and Lore of Illinois: The Definitive Collection

Blood’s Point is one of those locations that is well known to locals but has, to my knowledge, never been included in any book on Illinois ghostlore (actually, I recently learned that William Gorman writes about it in his book Ghost Whispers – ed.).  The road and cemetery of the same name are home to a cornucopia of stories and myths, each one a variant or twist on the last.

The name of the road itself is enough to excite one’s imagination.  What kind of event would leave such a name upon the landscape?  A gruesome murder or massacre?  An ancient battle?  Unfortunately, its origins are actually quite mundane.  According to The Past and Present of Boone County, Illinois (1877), Blood’s Point was named after a prominent local family, the Bloods.  Arthur Blood was the first white settler in Flora Township; a pleasant area that derived its name from the abundance of flower-covered fields.

One could say that ever since its christening, the area has been stained by Blood (sorry, I couldn’t resist).  Both the Shadowlands Index of Haunted Places and contain a myriad of tales relating to the cemetery and the railroad bridge that lies about a mile to the west.  The road itself is said to be patrolled by phantom vehicles, most notably an old pickup truck, but also a big rig and a disappearing cop car.

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  1. there actually is some kind of negative lost souls out there i my self with are friends have ran into unexplanable incounters there we go very often an we do have alot of true Stores to tell an photos to show


  2. Hello:

    You have some great information concerning Blood’s Point Cemetery..

    I have spent several hours there late at night just watching, walking around, and recording. I have a great story about this place me and 3 others experienced there one night between 11:30PM and 2:00AM. A wonderful green glowing mist in the shape of a headstone appeared 25 feet in front of my vehicle. It had an intelligence and a definite form as it vacillated side to side / front to front. I have no logical explanation for this sight. It disappeared because of my curiosity about shinning my flashlight on it to see it’s reaction.

    I have been to the bridge as well but never experienced anything here. I have been to Bachelor’s Grove a few times at night as well. A very interesting location.



  3. heathr says:

    i wish u could send me a book


  4. Heather Bratt says:

    I just went to Blood Point Road.. There were 5 of us in the car.. We were looking for an abandoned house that our friend had told us about.. While we were driving towards Sweeney Rd. It was around 1am.. We were the only car for miles when all of a sudden we saw headlights coming towards us. It was an older sheriffs vehicle with no license plate. It made a u turn and followed a distance behind us until we turned down sweeny then it vanished.. No headlights going past and no. Brake lights behind us. We no sign of the vehicle anywhere.. I just wanted to share thagit. I


  5. Danielle says:

    I lived there all my life up until about 2 years ago.I’ve heard the stories of course but nothing happens out there except the residents call the cops on kids hanging around too long. I dont know anyone actually from there that has ever actually seen anything.


  6. summer says:

    I have never gone to bloodpoint but I have been wanting to go very badly . My older sister went there and she had a whole story about it and it made the news paper . I am planning on going very soon . Is there anything I should know ?.


  7. Mr. Lee says:

    be careful if you get out of your vehicle i am a local who has heard stories of gangs from Rockford coming an praying on people who get out of there cars and steeling them.


  8. erin guthrie says:

    i have been researching bloods point for many years. i have seen the ghost rig, the car and many shadow figures including on near the train bidge that had glowing red eyes and even with the windows rolled up you could smell what smelled like rotting meat, i only saw that one once thank God. i have not been out there since. be careful friends because evil can attach itself to you


  9. Oliver Thredson says:

    Instead of tracking around Blood’s Point Road, why don’t all of you sign up for a remedial spelling course?



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