Aux Sable Cemetery

Download this issue!Aux Sable Cemetery – Minooka, IL
By Michael Kleen

Aux Sable is a quaint, garden-like cemetery tucked in the woods near Aux Sable Creek in Grundy County. Despite an otherwise mundane existence, it continues to be a point of contention between local youth and law enforcement, with paranormal tourists often caught in the middle. The legends associated with the cemetery are of the usual stock: strange car trouble, the ghost of a young child, and rumors of a gate to Hell. Aux Sable has yet to appear in any books on Illinois ghostlore, but it has been discussed and debated at length on numerous websites.

According to a “History of Aux Sable Township and Villages” by D.A. Henneberry, Aux Sable Township was a hunting ground for Pottawatomie Indians before Europeans arrived. The first white settler in the area was Salmon Rutherford, a notable figure in pioneer Illinois. He arrived in 1833 and established the settlement of Dresden. The land around Aux Sable Creek provided fertile soil for farming, a bountiful harvest of timber, and a large population of wild bees, which supplied honey for the settlers. The honey was made into an alcoholic beverage called Metheglin (otherwise known as mead).

The nearby town of Minooka was plotted in 1852, but did not experience much growth until after 1858. Aux Sable Cemetery was probably in use around that time. Referring to the local residents, Mr. Henneberry wrote, “religion has taught them to subdue any evil tendencies they may have ever had with very noticeable results.”

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  1. Me and my team have been to this cemetery several times in the day and at night, we have never caught anything conclusive, it has an erie fill at night but your fear should not be the ghosts but the police! Luckly we never got stopped by police, but be ware, there are near houses that keep an eye for trespassers, and they will see you since this road leads straight to the cemtery and unknown cars are easy to spot. Your flashlight from you digital camera will also give you up and cops will know some one is in the cemetery. In short words, I dont think this place is haunted and its not worth getting arrested -Manny from


  2. Has any one caught anything solid in this cemetery?


    • steve says:

      i lived 4 miles from that place for 19 years and spent one whole night there in the mortuary………… and i will not go back at night


  3. mandy says:

    i went there and in teh back right side of the cemetary there are 2 grave stones (black and white) which looked fresh when i went in at 5ish in teh afternoon on friday may 28th. on each grave there were a pair of shoes. i picked up the shose nothing was keepig them down at all. they were jsut kindof there. there was also a quote from weird al on the females stone. the shoes upon hers were tan looked older. i did nto know who the next grave belonged to. there was a pciture of an elderly and and woman on it. but im not sure which person it was. upon that grave were clunky black and white shoes.

    when i went back at night the shoes were gone. from both graves. the door of the morturary was now closed. i took it upon myself to stop my car for about 10-15 minutes on teh bridge. nothing. the only thing that happenec was that teh car fogger up. nothing big. im still trying to figure out what “have you even been upperdecked” means. (it is written on teh mortuary door).

    creepy place, not so sure if it is haunted


  4. chris says:

    I live down the street from this cemetery and ive been there many of times.But i dont think it is as huanted as many people think sure u might catch some orbs or here some things but the most activity that happens there is from the satanist’s
    when i first started to come to this place i started to do EVP sessions with acouple of my friends i really never caught any thing but i noticed that there was a trail in the back where you turn around the giant tree.we decicde to follow it one afternoon and as we started to get a good way in we noticed there was a lot of small animal corpes and some large animals like dear but wut really shocked me was that when we get to the end of the trail theres an old concrete foundation we searched around the place to come upon a crack in the foundation wall where we found more animal corpes but what really bothered me bout these is that they looked like dog skeletons and they seemed to be stacked in the crack we found it odd that there was so many dead animals in the same area we where convinced that there was strange activitys occuring on this trail we left that day but we would continue to go back to the trail at night to see if we could spot any satanist ritcuals we went for about a month untill we say what we where lookin for a small group of six people heading throuth the trail but these wernt your adverage curious teens they seemed to be middle aged and they all where appearing to be walking in a line down the trail the leader of the line was caring a candle they also looked to have had the same type of hat like hood that would cover most of ther face this all seems like a story out of a book but i swear thats wut i saw i dare not follow them without any sort of protection ive heard that these cults are violent and deadly people if disturbed i plan to go back and set up cameras or some sort of recording of these strange people


  5. i live a half mile from the cemetery, and what chris is saying is true. and wierd that you mention dog skeletons chris, a friend and i once found 6 or 7 skeletons under a bridge on tabler road, feet bound together, some decapitated. disgusting. those people are really messed up.


  6. mtrace says:

    Great evidence from Aux Sable. Two EVPs and two photos.


  7. Tim Sitzes says:

    I’ve been to this cemetery many times when I lived in grundy county about 3 miles west of Minooka on Minooka rd. about 3 miles from Brown rd. where the cemetery is located, me and 2 of my friends from Oswego IL would go visit this cemetery almost on a nightly bases back in 2001 and 2002 and none of us will ever go back, at the time I was driving a brand new Blazer and had it Break down on me 3 times in the cemetery and never had problems with it elsewhere also had a figure appear at the rear of my vehicle one night that was close enough it could have touched my bumper, we had parked one evening right at dusk at the cable that goes down the gravel lane just before the bridge we then walked the rest of the way with flashlights, we walked around the premises for about 15 minutes with no incident as we were walking back to my vehicle we heard the cry’s of a little girl and flashed our lights behind us back towards the cemetery and the gates were closed, we had numorous other accounts at Aux sable to many to list anybody that would like to talk more about our encounters my e-mail is I will be glad to share our experiences.


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