Ashmore Estates

Download this issue!Ashmore Estates – Ashmore, IL
By Michael Kleen

Read about this location and more in Legends and Lore of Illinois: The Definitive Collection

Read about this location and more in Legends and Lore of Illinois: The Definitive Collection

Ashmore Estates looms large in the minds of many Coles County residents, even if they have only heard the stories. It stood abandoned for nearly twenty years, until its new owners opened it as a haunted house in autumn 2006. Since then, the building has been scoured by paranormal investigators and will soon be featured in several television programs, including American Horrors and the Booth brothers’ Soul Catcher.

The building (known as an almshouse) began as a part of the Coles County Poor Farm. It was built after the Auxiliary Committee of the State Board of Charities condemned the first almshouse. In January 1915, bids were placed for the construction of a fireproof building on the location. The contract for the new almshouse was awarded to J.W. Montgomery in March of 1916 for $20,389, and the cornerstone was laid on May 17, 1916. L.F.W. Stuebe was the architect who designed the building.

The modern poor farm operated for over forty years, until attitudes regarding public welfare began to change. Many of them were demolished and the land sold off to private farmers, but others were privatized as care facilities.  Coles County sold its almshouse to Ashmore Estates, Inc. in February 1959. That corporation opened the building as a private psychiatric hospital, but it suffered from financial difficulties from the very beginning.

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  1. Leigh Carter says:

    Great site. Your pdf has amazing photos.


  2. Robert Page says:

    are you allowed to visit the site and go in the building of ashmore?


    • James says:

      They used to have tours off and on all year but, due to storm damage last year, I’m unsure if they have fixed everything enough to do that or not.


  3. beth spangenberg says:

    They do give flashlight tours. And will let you stay overnight if you have enough people..


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