‘Ghost Hunting’ Thieves or Publicity Grab?

From Bobby Mackey's Youtube Account

Over the weekend, Cincinnati.com broke this story about a par of thieves who broke into Bobby Mackey’s in Wilder, Kentucky and stole dozens of bottles of alcohol. Bobby Mackey’s is famous for its ghostly tales, as well as appearing on TV programs like Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures. Bobby Mackey’s posted a Channel 12 News report about the break in on their YouTube channel:


According to Cincinnati.com, R. J. Seifert, who does marketing for Bobby Mackey’s, claimed the thieves were possibly ghost hunters:

As if ghost hunters and paranormal investigators haven’t gotten enough bad press for allegedly causing vandalism to cemeteries, now they are being blamed for theft as well? More than likely, this was an attempt by a quick thinking marketing agent to capitalize on all the free press from the break in and remind people that they are “The Most Haunted Nightclub in the US.”

I wonder, however, if doing this will have the unintended effect of further tarnishing good people who are merely interested in investigating paranormal claims. Was placing the blame on “ghost hunters” a harmless publicity grab, or a slap in the face to Bobby Mackey’s ghost-loving fans?


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