Exploring Anderson Cemetery (Graveyard X)

Haunted Graveyard

Located not far from the small town of Palmer, Illinois is one of the most mysterious locations in Illinois, widely discussed by ghost hunters and paranormal investigators alike: Anderson Cemetery, or as many prefer to call it, “Graveyard X.”

For years, there have been tales of unexplained lights in the cemetery, and some of these lights, I have been told, have been recorded on video both during the daytime and at night. Some tell stories of hearing the sounds and voices of small children playing in the cemetery when no homes are located nearby to account for these sounds. Apparitions appear in photos and digital thermometers record icy cold spots with no scientific or logical explanations for the temperature fluctuations. I have experienced the extreme temperature fluctuations myself, which I will explain shortly.

In order to keep the location from others, various books and Internet postings have labeled it “Graveyard X,” leading to the perception that Anderson Cemetery is some kind of top-secret place. All the stories and legends about the “mysterious Graveyard X,” however, piqued my interest enough to compel me to conduct my own investigation at this location.

My first challenge was finding the allusive “Graveyard X,” because all I knew about the whereabouts of this mysterious location was that it was located in a secluded place in rural central Illinois. It seemed that other ghost hunters who had investigated Anderson Cemetery were not anxious to reveal its location. I do not think the reason for this secrecy was to prevent other legitimate paranormal investigators from investigating the cemetery, but to prevent those who may only be looking for a thrill and to possibly destroy, desecrate or litter the site.

As it turns out, Anderson Cemetery, or “Graveyard X,” is located in rural Christian County only 9.5 miles from my home in Taylorville. So there it was, right under my nose all the time and I did not even know it. Oh well, so much for the intuition of a former private investigator!

The graveyard itself had an entirely different feel about it as the day changed into evening. Only minutes earlier, it had such a peaceful feeling that I could only imagine what it would be like in the darkness of the night. As the darkness grew and I started walking around the graveyard, all was quiet. There were no birds chirping and no wind. It was so still that you could describe the feeling as a “calm before the storm.”

About 45 minutes into the darkness of the evening, I was walking around the perimeter of the triangulated area in the oldest part of the graveyard. I figured that from what I had read, if anything was going to happen, it would take place in this part of the cemetery. I stopped for a moment and began scanning the area with my eyes, when to my left, I heard and felt someone or something walk past me, something that I could not see. I can best describe the feeling as like when someone passes you on the sidewalk. I could hear the movement and feel the breeze caused by whatever it was as, but it was invisible. Although I knew there was not anyone behind me, I felt that someone was there. I acted like I had not heard anything, slowly turned around, and took a photo with my digital camera. I reviewed the photo, but nothing was in the picture…


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