Des Moines Register Highlights Cold Cases

Courtesy photo Laurie Rhiner (Deceased's Sister)

Each week, the Des Moines Register publishes a new article highlighting a cold case in Iowa, in hopes that renewed interest in the crimes will help solve them.

This week, they looked at the case of Martha Erickson, a 47-year-old woman whose body was found in Avon Lake on November 22, 1995. According to the Register, “She had been beaten and stabbed. Police say the body offered few clues due to time spent in the water, and that they couldn’t say for sure whether Erickson had been sexually assaulted.”

Strangely, two other murdered women, Susan Kersten and Donna Lee Marshall, were acquaintances of Martha. Both were found in or near Iowa City, Iowa. Police never found any other connection between the murders.

Check out the entire story here, or read about other Iowa Cold Cases here.


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