Chanute Air Force Base
Chanute Air Force Base

Hours passed. Chanute Air Force Base was quiet aside from the chorus of insects and the dog that barked incessantly in the distance. Mike, Aurelia, Greg, Emmer, and Misa stole through the darkness, past broken park benches and empty windows. Misa led the way. Her eyes pierced the nebulous shadows cast by the glow of a handful of street lamps hitting the thick, brick buildings. Her ears heard the blood pounding in the veins of The Fallen.

“Now might be a good time to raise the point that we have no idea where Davin is being held,” Emmer whispered.

“He probably hasn’t showered in over a week,” Misa replied. “When we’re close, I’ll smell him.”

“There’s nothing unusual about that,” Greg chuckled.

Suddenly, a police cruiser turned onto the nearby street and shined a spotlight into the yard. The Fallen dropped to the ground, with the exception of Misa and Aurelia, who were close enough to the nearest building to disappear behind the wall. The squad car passed slowly, conducting its nightly rounds.

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Legends and Lore of Illinois: The Fallen Chronicles

This special collection consists of the saga of The Fallen, spanning 47 issues of the Legends and Lore of Illinois, arranged in chronological order. For the first time, our readers can follow the epic journey of Mike, Aurelia, Davin, Greg, and Emmer from their first appearance at Bachelor’s Grove to their closing act at the summit of Starved Rock. Will The Fallen escape from a shadowy entity lurking in the tunnels under Manteno State Hospital, or will they be upstaged by their ghost-hunting rivals at Greenwood Cemetery? Follow all their adventures, twists, and turns in one convenient book! You will never look at Illinois the same way.


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