“Cemetery x” – Real or Hoax?

Image by bernswaelz from Pixabay

Emmer: “Graveyard X,” or Thomas-Anderson Cemetery in Christian County, is a hoax. Aside from a few blurry pictures and photographs of moisture or dust in the air (orbs), all we have is the testimony of some dubious characters. Testimony is not evidence.

Furthermore, the fact that it’s called some spooky code name doesn’t help its credibility. A cornerstone of science is the ability for evidence to be verified by independent observers. Why hide the cemetery’s location unless you are trying to prevent other people from being able to investigate the truth or falsehood of your stories? If your testimony isn’t B.S., why not let other people come and see for themselves?

What is more likely: that this cemetery is haunted, or that whoever “discovered” this place just wanted to sell some books?

Mike: Those are all decent points, but you are forgetting that more than one person has been to “Cemetery X” and reported similar phenomenon. These visitors came independently and didn’t discuss their experiences with each other, so one wasn’t influenced by the other. Surely that lends some credibility to their stories? And who is to judge whether a person’s character is dubious, you?

Also, although I agree with your suspicions about the naming of “Cemetery X,” or whatever you want to call it, vandalism is a valid concern. Sometimes when these places are publicized they attract bad characters who might not care as much about them as we do.

Emmer: You’re an idiot.

No one who goes to a cemetery looking for ghosts is going to vandalize the place. In this case, I’d say personal liability was the concern. If something bad did happen there, the person telling everyone how haunted this cemetery was didn’t want to be held responsible. In that case, I’d say he shouldn’t have made it public to begin with. If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the fire.

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