“Berwick Alien” Exposed as Hoax


Careful sleuthing by the boys and girls at Reddit has uncovered the “Berwick Alien” (aka the Louisiana Monster), a creature allegedly captured on a night vision camera in the backwoods of Louisiana, as a hoax. It turns out there are two still “photographs” of the creature in the same pose, with two different time and date stamps. The one shown on NBC33 TV in Baton Rouge has a date of 12/04/2010, while this one found on Photobucket has a date of 11/30/2010.

The “Berwick Alien” joins the Colonial Park Ghost Video and the Gwrych Castle Ghost Photo as the latest in a round of cleverly faked paranormal-media sensations. When will the old TV and print media catch on to kids with Photoshop? Only time will tell…


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