The Ancient Ram Inn: What Happened Here?

Among all the haunted establishments in Britain, the mysterious and eerie Ancient Ram Inn definitely takes the cake. Said to be Britain’s most haunted B&B, it’s a place that has caught the eye of many ghost hunters and paranormal investigators over many decades.

When you take a step into Ancient Ram Inn, a bone-chilling sensation sets in. You can almost sense movements from the shadows at the edge of your vision. Many strange happenings and stories about its spookiness have been recorded and retold countless times. Over time, it became a destination for ghost adventures. Armed with dowers, cameras, and other ghost hunting devices, many have visited this particular inn.

The Ancient Ram Inn

ancient ram inn, inn
Photos by Brian Robert Marshall / Ram Inn, Potters Pond, Wotton under Edge on Wikimedia Commons

It is a Grade II* building and a historical landmark since 1952. John Humphries owned the Ancient Ram Inn until his death on December 2017.

Presence Of Ley Lines

To believers, this landmark stands on the intersection of 2 ley lines. Some believe these “lines” contain high spiritual energies. It’s also the oldest building in Wotton-under-Edge and allegedly home to many spirits or spectral beings.

Chilly, Cold Inn

The haunted establishment called Ancient Ram Inn has an infamous reputation. People experienced sudden cold chills or temperature drops and unexplained moving furniture. They heard disturbing cries of children and terrified guests fleeing through the Inn’s windows.

Furthermore, it’s a frequent subject of paranormal investigations on television, having appeared on shows such as America’s Ghost Adventures (2008), and Britain’s Most Haunted (2002).

Today, the Ancient Ram Inn remains as a historical site, or rather, a location for experiencing ghosts and poltergeist activities.

With its rotted and run-down rustic building that has seen many deaths and murders over the centuries, it’s no wonder that there’s no end to all the supernatural accounts it has gathered. If you visit the inn, you’ll see a variety of interesting props and items in the building itself.

Where Is The Ancient Ram Inn?

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Photo by bazzadarambler on flickr

The Ancient Ram Inn is located in the town of Wotton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire, England. You can reach the inn via buses from Gloucestershire.

To visit the Ancient Ram Inn, you can either make an appointment by contacting the owner or join an organised ghost hunting event hosted by the inn. You can find the haunted inn at 8 Potters Pond, Wotton-under-Edge GL12 7HF, UK.

Please take note that the Ancient Ram Inn is no longer a guesthouse and they currently do not provide guided tours. You also have to be over 18 years old to be able to enter. For more details and information, do visit their official Facebook page.

The Origins Of Ancient Ram Inn

The origin of this haunted inn dates back to the 12th century. The ownership of Ancient Ram Inn passed through many hands since its construction.

Brief Timeline Of The Ancient Ram Inn

church, ancient ram inn
Photo by Lobsterthermidor on Wikimedia Commons

Back when the Ancient Ram Inn was first built, it was the residence of a local priest and it was also a building that housed workers and slave labourers who were constructing the nearby St. Mary Church.

Much later in the 1930s, the owners converted the establishment into a pub. The ownership of the building continued to change several times ever since. However, the then pub has already gathered some rumours on its ghastly hauntings.

It remained a pub until the 1960s when John Humphries bought it to save it from demolishment. The Humphries family lived there from 1968 for around 50 years until they gradually move out, spooked by their frightening experiences.

However, John remained as the sole occupant. He devoted his time in preserving the historical building, up to his death in 2017. The Humpries ran Ancient Ram Inn as an inn before they experienced hauntings. And thus, the Humphries made it a paranormal event location. After John’s death, his daughter Caroline Humphries took over the inn, even up till today.

Story Behind The Ancient Ram Inn’s Hauntings

succubus, ancient ram inn
Photo by Shepherd Gallery on flickr

John Humphries realised that the Ancient Ram Inn was haunted when he first spent the night upon moving in – he asserted that he was forcefully pulled out of bed by his wrists.

He also claimed to be attacked by violent entities and by a succubus (a female sex demon that appears in men’s dreams and preys on their sexual energy) living in the inn. In addition, he often heard strange “tapping sounds” at night.

But what is haunting the inn and why is it haunted? Here’s where it gets even more freaky.

(This is) the most evil place I have ever had the misfortune to visit,” said Rt. Rev. John Yates, a former bishop of Gloucester, to the Western Daily Mail when he attempted to and failed to exorcise the Ancient Ram Inn.

Remember: the land was an ancient pagan burial ground. It also where people supposedly sacrificed children. Your warning bells should be loud right now.

Hauntings And Discoveries

Besides the resident succubus, a young girl also haunts the inn, specifically the attic. People say that she is the ghost of an innkeeper’s daughter murdered in the 16th century. There are also sightings of a ghost rising up from the floor, and a female ghost hanging from the ceiling beam.

Furthermore, John also found disturbing evidence of what he believed to be ritual sacrifices and satanic worship. He saw a goat’s hoof behind the chimney, centuries-old skeletal remains of children, and broken daggers, among other things. As a result, he placed children’s toys placed around the inn to appease the spirits of the sacrificed children.

In the past, a visitor in the inn had once been “pushed over” – for no reason at all. He had seemingly been pushed to the ground by a force. Moreover, strange orbs of light often show up in photographs taken by totally different and unrelated cameras, digital or not.

All these hauntings seem to point to the inn’s history of sacrificial rituals, deaths, and murders. The energies from the ley lines it lies on worsened things.

There are a few rooms or areas that you could pay deep attention to due to them being (in)famous for their supernatural activities. These include the attic, Bishop’s Room, the Witch’s Room, the Men’s Kitchen (where they found the remains of a woman and a child), and the barn.

Bishop’s Room: The Scariest Room In Ancient Ram Inn

According to John Humphries, the Bishop’s Room is the most haunted room in the entire Ancient Ram Inn, housing several malevolent spirits. Located on the first floor, it’s said that a medium was once lifted off the ground and thrown across the corridor after trying to push the door open.

Some saw the ghost of a cavalier by the dressing table before he walks across the room, while others saw apparitions of two monks in the room. There were also terrifying tales of hearing the screams of a man. People said that he died by having his head repeatedly thrust into the fireplace. They also saw a shepherd with his dog.

There are many ornaments, antiques, paintings and various items that fill the uncanny crimson red room. Stab marks and broken China on the red bedsheets supposedly made by evil devil worshipers can also be seen.

The Witch’s Room: The Witch Who Burned At The Stake

It began with a legend of a “witch” who was burned at the stake in the 1500s. This was the period when those who did not practice government-sanctioned Christianity were persecuted.

The “witch” sought refuge in one of the Ancient Ram Inn’s rooms before she was captured and subsequently killed. Thus, locals believe that her spirit still haunts the room she allegedly stayed in before her capture, giving the Witch’s Room its name.

Visitors have claimed that they saw the “witch” sitting on the bed or floating by the windows near the front doors. In some accounts, the “witch” also has a familiar (a black cat) seen next to her in the room.

In Conclusion…

ancient ram inn, room
Photos by Brian Robert Marshall / Ram Inn, Potters Pond, Wotton under Edge on Wikimedia Commons

It’s impossible to detail every single ghostly sighting or poltergeist activity over the centuries, and it’s also hard to discern outlandish rumours from the possible truth – as with things that are supernatural in nature.

What we certainly know is that the Ancient Ram Inn seems to have all the makings of being Britain’s most haunted B&B, with its horrific past and unnerving atmosphere.

For avid fans of anything paranormal, accounts of such supernatural incidents have also been recorded in newspaper clippings that are available in the Ancient Ram Inn itself. For such fans, it’s definitely a site you would want to explore! Maybe you’ll witness some of the things other visitors have, or maybe not. Who knows?

If you’ve ever been to the Ancient Ram Inn, do share some of your experiences or ghost adventures with us! We would love to hear from you!


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