About Us

How many times have you lost sleep because of horror stories? How many times have read Stephen King’s books and feel like a possessed man welding an axe, zombie pets, or a murderous clown can get you any minute? How many times have you checked your cabinets and underneath your bed for monsters? Did you always go to sleep with your whole body wrapped in a blanket even though it’s hot, just so that monsters can’t catch your feet and drag you into places unknown? How many times have you stayed up late reading true crime stories until the sun came up and played detective in your head?

All those times, we’re sure you always felt scared, terrified, and paranoid but still – you always come back for more. You come back for more dose of monsters, ghosts, witches, poltergeists, and restless devils. And don’t worry, we’re not here to judge you. In fact, we’re here to get you your daily fix of the creepy, the scary, the occult, and the freaky.

Welcome to Mysterious Heartland

If you want to read stories that will make your heart race and make you lose sleep, Mysterious Heartland is where you will find it. While the name might sound weird and quite harmless, don’t let it fool you. Mysterious Heartland has everything horror and supernatural lovers will want – from ghost stories, haunted places, and freaky cases. Followers of crime stories will find something for them, as well. If you love knowing about the occult and supernatural, you’ll get something to satisfy your appetite, too.

In Mysterious Heartland, you will definitely never run out of things to explore and read. Ready your hearts, blankets, or maybe your ghost-hunting kit – we’re sure you will need all of those when you stories we have here.

Here are things you can expect from Mysterious Heartland:

The Top 10

The scariest and most mysterious, all condensed in a list.

Want to go 0 to 100 really quickly? Here you have it. In this section, we will list the top 10 “mosts”. Be it haunted places, unsolved cases, most famous ghosts, stories, creatures, and the like, you will find it here. Just don’t blame us if you can’t go to sleep at night with the lights off.


Know how it happened and if it was solved or not.

Unfortunately, humans have encountered crime in one form or another. Murders, robberies, and the like – especially of the weird and extravagant quality – we as humans love that. So, why are we still fascinated by true crime stories? Well, aside from our natural curiosity for the weird and the taboo, sometimes the only answer for that is, “Why not?”. You will find stories of serial killers, unsolved cases, famous crime cases, and the like here. Exercise your inner detective here or use it as your crime preparedness manual – it is all up to you.

Haunted Places

A travel blog, for the horror lovers, or those who like to dare friends to go to haunted locations.

One can always hear stories of a place, be it good or bad. Most of the time, these stories stray to ghost stories –  a place being haunted by restless spirits, who wants revenge or just really didn’t know that they already passed away. You will find stories of what people saw and experienced in abandoned houses, amusement and theme parks, schools, hotels, castles, and the like. Those places might not even be abandoned – in the light of day, they might look like other establishments. But once the night falls, it’s time for the ghosts to come out and play, and they won’t care if there are mortals with them.You might as well make a bucket list of places you want to go to, that’s not much different from vacation, isn’t it? Just a little bit more spooky…


Time for the occult, werewolf, and vampire enthusiasts to rise.

Aside from ghosts, people love exploring the supernatural and the occult. Witches, vampires, werewolves, cryptids… people love those. They dream of drawing pentagrams to summon a demon, performing rituals to get back at enemies, or creating potions so the people they like will like them back. Or maybe, they go through the forests to search for Bigfoot, or Mothman, or look for large wolves or people with fangs. We’re just not sure if they can find sparkly vampires, as well.

Read more about witchcraft, black magic, supernatural creatures, and cryptids in this section.


Are humans really the only sentient beings in the galaxy?

Read about people seeing floating discs in the sky, getting weird signals, and the like in this section. Did aliens really help Ancient Egyptian build the Pyramids? Did aliens create those creepily uniform fields?


When something unbelievable happens, people turn to conspiracies.

People sometimes don’t believe the explanations they were given, so they make their own. In this section, you will see famous and not-so-famous conspiracies – feel free to join in. Let’s all wonder if Area 51 really houses aliens, or if the landing on the moon was staged, or when exactly the world will end.


Not everything should be spooky; fun is still essential.

In this section, you will see short stories, stuff about Halloween, what ghost hunts and tours you shouldn’t miss, and the like.

If you’d like to contribute your stories and experiences (real or not), let us know.

Welcome to Mysterious Heartland, and we hope you enjoy your stay.