A Tragic Wedding – a Prophecy of Doom

A Tragic Wedding

A very tragic wedding occurred at Grand Tower, IL on April 9, 1839.  The wedding party crossed the river to hold the ceremony on top of Tower Rock.  After the ceremony, the wedding party was leaving Tower Rock, when their boat got caught in a whirlpool.  The only survivor was a slave.

On the same day the bridegroom’s niece was born.  For her twentieth birthday on April 9, 1859, a party was held on Tower Rock and the slave who survived the whirlpool was her special guest.  During the party the doomed original wedding party appeared to rise from the depths of the Mississippi River and the priest handed the niece a parchment scroll.  The ghostly wedding party then sank back into the river without speaking a word.

The parchments predicted a great war in which families would be torn apart and bring great sadness.  Two years later the Civil War began.  One of the niece’s brothers enlisted with the Union Army and another brother joined the Confederate Army.  During a battle in Missouri the Union brother killed the Confederate brother, thus fulfilling the prophecy.


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