A Fallen Party

Image by Daniel Agrelo from Pixabay

When The Fallen aren’t out getting lost or stumbling upon ancient magical… stuff, they like to get together, eat pizza, drink soda (or whatever), and watch horror movies. You too can recreate that experience using these simple instructions.


  • 2-3 friends.
  • 2 Large pepperoni pizzas.
  • Ginger Ale, Dr. Pepper, or other sodas are acceptable.
  • Ginger Snaps or Ginger Snaps Unleashed.
  • A TV and a DVD player.


Rent or purchase Ginger Snaps or Ginger Snaps Unleashed. Call your friends and tell them to come over. Then make sure the DVD is attached to the TV. Order the pizza or pick it up before your friends arrive. Offer them drinks as they walk in the door, but don’t be pushy. Insert the movie into the DVD player after the usual small talk. Watch, and enjoy. Total time: around 3 hours.


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