A Fallen Drinking Game

Image by Daniel Agrelo from Pixabay

When The Fallen are waiting for their photos to develop, or when they descend into depression, Mike, Aurelia, Emmer, Davin, and Greg like to drown their boredom in an appropriate beverage.


  • 2-4 friends.
  • A drink of choice.
  • Cups (preferably black).
  • Napkins or paper towels.


Take turns reading an Investigation File from a random issue of the Legends and Lore of Illinois. Every time Aurelia hits or pushes someone, take 1 sip. Take 1 sip each time one of The Fallen rolls his or her eyes and another every time Mike mentions “the astral portal/gate.” Take 1 sip if the P.C.P.R.S. appears in the story, and 1 if Greg’s cane appears in the story. Take 2 sips every time The Fallen get in or out of their car, and another 2 if they had been listening to music. Take 2 sips if the story features Casey the Coydog. Finally, take 3 sips whenever Mike says, “Crowley’s ass!” Have fun, and good luck!


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