7th Avenue Dead End

It didn’t take long for The Fallen to reach the dead end. They hopped over the guardrail and waded through the knee-high snow to the railroad tracks. A few yards away, the Rock River crept along, weighted down by chunks of ice.

“So where is this ghost?” Greg demanded.

Not long after the words left his mouth, a blast of icy wind cut through the rail bed, rustling the tall, yellow grass on either side. At the same time, Aurelia was hit with a feeling of intense sadness followed by nausea. Her friends seemed unaffected, but all five witnessed the flickering specter that formed before their eyes. She was transparent and smoky gray in color, almost indistinguishable from the dirty snow and overcast sky.

She cried, but her voice was not audible. Instead, it echoed in the minds of all those present. “Where are my babies? Do you know what happened to them?”

The Fallen exchanged glances to confirm they had each heard the same thing.

What happens next? Find out, and read more of The Fallen’s adventures, in the Legends and Lore of Illinois. This issue, along with all its color photos and extras, is now exclusively available on CD-ROM. Click here to order all 49 issues of the Legends and Lore of Illinois on CD-ROM.


Legends and Lore of Illinois: The Fallen Chronicles

This special collection consists of the saga of The Fallen, spanning 47 issues of the Legends and Lore of Illinois, arranged in chronological order. For the first time, our readers can follow the epic journey of Mike, Aurelia, Davin, Greg, and Emmer from their first appearance at Bachelor’s Grove to their closing act at the summit of Starved Rock. Will The Fallen escape from a shadowy entity lurking in the tunnels under Manteno State Hospital, or will they be upstaged by their ghost-hunting rivals at Greenwood Cemetery? Follow all their adventures, twists, and turns in one convenient book! You will never look at Illinois the same way!


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