Write for Mysterious Heartland

Do you have an interesting story, article, photo, or video that you would like to see published on Mysterious Heartland?

What we are looking for:

  • In general, anything pertaining to the unusual or mysterious in the American heartland.
  • True crime/unsolved murders.
  • Disappearances/missing persons.
  • Missing/buried treasure.
  • True personal stories about encounters with ghosts, unusual creatures, or UFOs.
  • Photos or video of ghosts (no orbs please), UFOs, strange creatures, or abandoned places.
  • Book or movie reviews (books and movies should pertain to the general topic of this website).

Guidelines. Following these simple guidelines will increase your chances of being published (you will also be loved by our editor). Write in full sentences and include plenty of details (where, when, what, etc.). Plagiarism will not be tolerated – if you are caught plagiarizing, your content will be removed and no further submissions will be accepted. Please limit your article to 800 words or less and send pictures if you have them. Check out more specific guidelines here.

Send your stories/ideas/tips to:


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