New Focus and Direction for Mysterious Heartland

Dear readers, by now, you may have noticed a new banner and new content popping up on Mysterious Heartland. These changes represent an expanded focus and direction for the website. Until now, we have largely focused on ghost stories and paranormal-related content. Unfortunately, that subject by itself has not generated the kind of interest we hoped. Over the past several years, I’ve noticed the following:

  • Despite an average of over 100,000 views a month, the majority of our readers are first-time visitors who come only for the top 10 lists.
  • Interviews with people in the paranormal field, book reviews, reader polls, and articles about haunted places are largely ignored.
  • Aside from a few dedicated people, solicitations for reader participation are ignored.

This leads me to believe that the “paranormal community” is not as active as I always hoped. In order to achieve the readership goals I’ve set, Mysterious Heartland must expand its appeal and broaden its focus. For that reason, late this year I decided to increasingly focus on real-life mysteries, including unsolved crimes and disappearances.

In 2016, I hope to deliver dynamic, professional content that will appeal to a broader, more engaged audience. Ghost stories and the paranormal will remain part of this package, but the “Mysterious” encompasses so much more. I hope you join me for this exciting journey into the unknown.



  1. Unfortunately, the ghost and goblins and things that go bump in the night is way overcovered. And it’s always the same old characters. How many rides can we take with Ressurrection Mary with how many different authors and bloggers and posters.

    Unfortunately, there is a lack of new ectoplasm, which means, I guess, that not enough of the population of the Midwest are dying in horrid ways and are intent upon coming back to haunt.

    And…who likes a shiny new ghost anyway. We want some old horrific history hanging on their clanking bones.


  2. KT Jonas says:

    I hope you keep the offer of the books still will be interesting to see the new stories..I hope you keep all the ”old” ones too..I enjoy your site and have read it every morning with my coffee and donut when I get up..keep up the good work.


  3. Angie Myers says:

    I enjoy your articles and do plan to follow the new direction you have decided to take.
    Keep up with your excellent work and efforts, I do appreciate quality work. 🙂


  4. I believe this will be a good direction to explore and expand. Missing people and present day mysteries will always be increasing (unfortunately for us as a human race.) Hopefully this may generate some added information from readers in order to solve some of the mysteries and yield justice for those harmed.


  5. what reader polls??? for as many times as I’ve been on the site, and opened your email links I don’t believe I’ve ever seen one?


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