Bitter Reviewer Blames Paranormal Enthusiasts for Vandalism

As an author who occasionally dabbles in politics, I’m accustomed to criticism. Most of the time, I welcome criticism. Constructive criticism is important for personal and professional development. However, there are bitter and hate filled folks out there who feel the need to vent their hatred and inadequacy on others.

A common trope among the haters is that people interested in folklore, ghost stories, legend tripping, and the paranormal are responsible for vandalism, cemetery desecration, and other crimes at allegedly haunted sites. In over 15 years of attending conferences, events, tours, speaking engagements, and meeting fans, I have never once met anyone who advocated or condoned those activities.

Yet again, here we have a man who thinks, “Believing in haunting just another stupid thing for morons to go and ravage private property.” Bitter over vandalism at his parents’ grave in the 1970s, he decided to vent his anger at me by leaving a 1-star review on my book on I wasn’t even born when the vandalism occurred (and neither were most of my readers), yet for some reason this man decided that my readers and I were responsible for this crime.

Despite the fact that one need not believe in ghosts to enjoy ghost stories, the man goes on to call my readers and I “individuals driven by ignorance” who “will not honor those that passed.” Funny, because most of the folks I know who are interested in this subject are also interested in local history and historic preservation. I have since asked to remove the “review,” but here is a screenshot.


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  1. Join the club. I recently received a one-star review claiming my story had “anti-Semitic overtones” simply because of my choice of name for one character. I understand your frustration.


  2. Another keyboard warrior made brave by cyberspace. I will go and report the comment as well.


  3. Those who go to graveyards to tip over or steal gravestones are not interested in the paranormal, they are just interested in finding a quiet place where they can get high or scare another idiotic person who may be with them, the only spirits are in bottles at the least. Most, if not all, people who explore any place for hauntings contact the owners or caretakers of the property to get permission prior to any investigating.


  4. unfortunately this vandalism problem that has gone on for a very long time since time began literally, has caused many more problems for those of us who are doing legitimate paranormal research around old historic places like graveyards, and places where a lot of tragic events advice is get a note of permission from the owners of the property before venturing out to the location and always work with the police when they see you around the location. there are many officers who do night patrols around historic locations. if you cant go late at night, then try late evenings which to me are just as good.


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