Flashback Friday: Rockford ParaCON 2010

This October, I thought it might be fun to take our readers on a trip down memory lane. I started doing talks on the legends and lore of Illinois in 2007, and since then, I’ve been lucky to have attended many great events, meeting a lot of interesting folks in the process. Back in 2010, the Rockford Paranormal Conference was organized by the Forest City Paranormal Society and held at Rockford College in Rockford, Illinois. Many great friends were in attendance. I was studying to get my MS in Education from Western Illinois University at the time, but luckily I was back home on Christmas break and able to speak at the conference. That was, I believe, one of the few times I had the pleasure of meeting Al Kelchner of Willow Creek Farm and Noah Leigh of Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee. Rockford College itself, of course, is home to many ghostly legends.

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  1. Ann Marie Arzola says:

    I live in Belvidere Illinois I moved in with my boyfriend just three years ago he’s doing renovations in his house I hear strange voicess hear people walking up stairs I see little orbits even my dog looks at the walls and barks I don’t know if I should call a paranormal and or medium but I would like to know if there’s a ghost in my home.


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