Grave Robbers from Outer Space is Back

12422Back in March, I was disappointed to learn that the creator of Grave Robbers from Outer Space canceled the Kickstarter for the new edition. Fans of cheesy horror games should not despair, however, because the project is back on the table. There is less than a week remaining to contribute, so please head over it their Kickstarter Page and help re-create this fun and classic card game.

Grave Robbers from Outer Space is a highly re-playable B-Movie card game that made fun of the campy horror movies from our childhoods. Players draw cards to build up their movies, while attacking other players’ movies with creatures. The game has a wonderful variety of stock characters, creatures, locations, and props. I even used cards randomly drawn from the deck as a basis for a collection of short horror stories.

Here is the latest message posted by Grave Robbers creator Steve Tassie: “Many Kickstarter campaigns see a surge of backers in their final days, and I hope that this will be the case with Grave Robbers, but everybody needs to pitch in to make this happen. You want the campaign to succeed, or you wouldn’t have backed it. I want it to succeed or I wouldn’t have launched it.”

Check out some of the new art here, and see all the cool stuff you can get if you help contribute.

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