Break in at Minnesota Church Blamed on Ghost Hunters

According to CBS Minnesota, four “ghost hunters” face felony charges for breaking into an historic church in Litchfield, Minnesota on Sunday, May 17th. The Ness Church has been rumored to be haunted for years, and the church has installed security equipment to prevent vandalism and break ins. Kyle Huber, 23, Todd Suurmeyer, 23, Joseph Porter, 25, and Brittani Roberts, 24, were arrested while allegedly fleeing the scene after they tripped the alarm. According to the article,

“The suspects are accused of gaining access to the church by breaking several of its windows. They also smashed part of a monument that marks where the first five of an eventual 490 victims of the 1862 U.S.-Dakota War were buried in a hurry. A window of an out building was also broken. An investigation is now determining the full extent of the damage and if there were items taken from the church.”

As usual, local media played up the “ghost hunting” angle and discussed how ghost hunting videos and websites claim the historic church is haunted. The suspects allegedly told police they were there “looking for ghosts.” Whether or not you agree with the validity of paranormal investigation, most ghost hunting teams to do not consider breaking and entering or vandalism to be  legitimate practices. The association of criminal activity with “ghost hunting,” however, tarnishes everyone with an interest in the paranormal. It is incidents such as this that make it difficult for legitimate businesses and organizations to be taken seriously.

It would be interesting to follow up on this story and find out if drugs and/or alcohol was involved. For now, at least, the sensationalism involved with the paranormal will drive the media narrative about these crimes.

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  1. What happened is TOTALLY INEXSCUSABLE!! It will cause mistrust for any SERIOUS paranormal investigator sadely!! The same thing happened with tornado chasers also. Ever since the movie Twister, you have every YAHOO out there that have no business chasing storms. SADLY unfortunately the same for paranormal studies!!!



  1. […] loves to associate criminal activity with amateur ghost hunting, as was the case recently with the break in at Ness Church in Litchfield, […]


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