I believe in ghost stories…

“In 1995 I began the research that would result in this book, traveling to many parts of the state, visiting ‘haunted’ sites, learning of stories of ghosts and monsters, listening to personal tales of experiences with the paranormal… In every instance, I saw nothing, I heard nothing, I felt nothing—nor did I expect to. I was (and for the most part still am) a ghost skeptic. I have no reason to believe in ghosts but really no reason to disbelieve… My search for these Kansas ghosts began, and continues, primarily because of a love of stories and legends. I was in pursuit of legendary tales in Kansas, not necessarily the real ghosts of Kansas. My experiences by and large bore out my belief that the stories keep the ghosts alive, not vice versa. ‘Do you believe in ghosts?’ I am often asked. I believe in ghost stories, I usually respond.”

–Lisa Hefner Heitz, Haunted Kansas (1997)


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