Travel Channel’s ‘The Dead Files’ Visits Wausau, Wisconsin

Keith Uhlig, a reporter for the Wausau Daily Herald, has revealed that he was interviewed for an episode of Travel Channel’s TV series The Dead Files, which visited a reportedly haunted home in Wausau, Wisconsin. Though he could not reveal any specifics, he did say, “video crews were in Wausau for several days over the past couple of weeks, shooting at various locations around town and beyond, such as at Schmeekle Reserve in Stevens Point.”

The Dead Files features medium Amy Allan and retired New York City homicide detective Steve DiSchiavi as they team up to investigate claims of the paranormal. Season 7 of The Dead Files will premier on Saturday, and the episode may air in this season.

For more details, read the article here: “Travel Channel’s ‘The Dead Files’ opens a Wausau case”

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  1. juliemalone says:

    I love that show! I found out the county I live in had real outlaws (The Driscoll gang) back in the day. So I drove out to Chana & Oregon, IL with my sister. We stopped at a bar out there and the bartender, and owner were very nice, told us how The Dead Files was just there filming a week before us. The episode airs May 30th.


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