Interview with Nick Groff, of Ghost Adventures

Since 2008, Nick Groff, born in San Jose, California and raised in New Hampshire, has been a co-investigator and executive producer of Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel. In December 2014, he left Ghost Adventures and began producing Ghost Stalkers on the Travel Channel’s network Destination America. In 2015, Groff will be visiting several well-known haunted locations across America on the Nick Groff Tour. It will stop at Ashmore Estates in Illinois on April 11, Ohio State Reformatory on April 17, and Missouri State Penitentiary on May 2, with more destinations to come.

Please tell our readers a little about how you became interested in the paranormal. What was your most compelling experience, and what affect did it have on the way you view the world and your place in it?

Nick Groff

Nick Groff at Ashmore Estates, 2011

When I was kid I was extremely interested in all things paranormal. It started with researching UFOs and aliens. I became more fascinated with ghosts and hauntings as I grew older. My grandma Groff would always talk ghosts and UFOs with me. When I was 8 yrs old I fell from a tree and ripped open my left arm, almost hitting an artery and dying on the spot. My mom saved my life and after 100 stitches I’m alive. I believe a lot of different experiences in my early life lead me on the quest for searching out paranormal phenomenon.

My most compelling experience was at the Linda Vista Hospital when I came face-to-face with a solid lady spirit. Our eyes connected for a split second, until I jumped back extremely startled. I will never forget that second in time. It changed how I think about Life, Death and Beyond. After that moment I think differently now about, time, my personal life, people, reality, energy and space. I feel like this split second that I connected with this spirit changed the perspective of my journey in life.

Please tell us a little about your upcoming tour of some of the most iconic haunted locations in America. With all the allegedly haunted places in Illinois, why did you choose to revisit Ashmore Estates?

There are so many locations across the world that I find very interesting. Some our locations that I have always wanted to re-visit for my own personal investigations and to do more research. Ahsmore Estates was one of them. I found it very interesting and felt I needed another pass on investigating this location. It has a lot of history and there where so many things I felt I missed my first time at Ashmore. I am way more experienced now. I am ready to return to learn more from the location and hopefully some spirits. This time I am inviting guests to investigate alongside me. I love communicating with other people and connecting personally.

What was your impression of Ashmore Estates when you first visited in 2011? What do you hope to find when you return?

It was a very weird experience. The drive up to the location was interesting, from the stories and personal experiences. So many different things occurred off camera, that I felt I needed to return in order to figure out some that happened to me personally. There was a moment where a negative energy hit me and after a little bit I shock it off and continued the investigation. This was just during the walk-through of the location, when I least expected anything to happen. I was only there for about 2hrs before something occurred. This is my reason for returning. I hope to make contact with the spirit that once affected me.

What can attendees expect to experience at the April 11th event at Ashmore Estates, as well as the April 17th event at Ohio State Reformatory and the May 2nd event at Missouri State Penitentiary? What are you most looking forward to about these events?

All my locations that I select and invite people to attend will have an experience, learn new things and possibly get more in depth in the paranormal happenings. I look at everything we do as an experience. Live and learn, which will bring us to the next thing that shapes us. Exploring, learning, discovering and experiencing together is what the Nick Groff Tour is all about. Each location brings new findings that help shape our lives and journeys.

Where can our readers go to find out more information about the Nick Groff Tour?

All of our information is for the Nick Groff Tour is on our website and facebook/twitter pages.
Facebook –
Twitter –

I am working on my own new project now that I will announce soon on my social network pages.

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