Virtual Tour of Archer Avenue: Justice Public Library and Why Not Drive-In

Location: The Justice Public Library is located at 7641 Oak Grove Avenue in Justice, Illinois, just west of Archer Avenue. The Why Not drive-in was formerly located along Frontage Road, just north of the interchange.

Justice Public Library Map

[] The Justice Public Library is located a few blocks north of the Why Not drive-in, along Oak Grove Avenue. Built in 1995, the new building replaced Justice’s older and much smaller library, which Richard T. Crowe, former purveyor of Chicago Supernatural Tours, reported to be afflicted with poltergeist activity. When the library moved to its new location just across the street, the ghost moved as well.

Read more about haunted Archer Avenue in Paranormal Illinois by Michael Kleen

Read more about haunted Archer Avenue in Paranormal Illinois by Michael Kleen

Things at the new building were relatively quiet until 1999, when a man named Adrian Dalwood became director of the library. Dalwood reported that books started to be reshelved and stacked after hours. He claimed that a patron, who had pulled into the parking lot at night to make a phone call, witnessed someone removing books from the shelves in the darkness of the library’s interior.

One theory held that the meddlesome intruder was the ghost of a former member of the library’s board of directors who vowed that there would never be a male director of the library as long as she was around. That was a plausible enough explanation for the disturbance, as the activity stopped when Mr. Dalwood accepted a job in Canada. The reorganizing of books seems like an odd activity for a ghost, but as Peter Venkman sarcastically remarked in the movie Ghostbusters, “No human being would stack books like this.”

On the opposite side of Route 171 (Archer Avenue), along Frontage Road, sat the Why Not drive-in, a greasy spoon that served typical American fair to its satisfied customers. According to Dale Kaczmarek, president of the Ghost Research Society, a local legend maintained that a ghost named Debbie appeared on foggy nights to lure unsuspecting men on a futile chase through the streets of suburban Justice.

She parked her 1965 Ford Fairlane in the lot of the Why Not and waited for a young man to pull up next to her. After a brief exchange, Debbie promised that if the man would follow her home, she would accompany him on a date. Excited, the victim tried to follow the mysterious woman’s red taillights as her convertible disappeared into the fog. If anyone has ever made it home with Debbie, they haven’t returned to tell the tale. The Why Not is closed and several restaurants have tried to take its place.


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